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In response to multiple inquiries regarding the list of research materials associated with the list of articles on the Boy Scouts and the associated factions, Indian Country Today has compiled the list of website links, documents and more for a reference to any readers or researchers that might be interested in conducting research of their own.

Some research was left out due to privacy of youth and/or personal information we acquired. There are also overlaps in research as many topics and links involve more than one faction.

Below you will find the list of articles in the series as well as the list of website links accessed in the past year to create the stories.

Stories in the Boy Scout article series by associate editor Vincent Schilling

Boy Scouts ‘have been one of the worst culprits’ of cultural appropriation

Order of the Arrow is a ‘secret’ scout society ‘in the spirit of the Lenni Lenape’ - a Lenape leader disagrees

The Tribe of Mic-O-Say dance teams regularly perform’ in ‘Native-style regalia’

How the Kansas City Chiefs got their name and the Boy Scout Tribe of Mic-O-Say

The Koshare museum raises money and its ‘Native’ dancers perform even after being told they shouldn’t

Native voice helped create the Boy Scouts, Charles Eastman ‘Ohiyesa’

Solutions for moving beyond appropriation in the 21st-century scouts. Star Wars?

Website links and documents

The Boy Scouts

Handbook for Boys

Woodcraft Indians | Our History

USSSP: - Oldest Camps

BYU Merit Badge PowWow |

merit badge pow wow - Google Search

Merit Badge Pow Wow Held for local scouts | Mesquite Local News

BYU PowWow - Home

About | Cherokee Area Council


2019 Kia Kima Summer Camp Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting | Chickasaw Council

ACScouts - YouTube

Indian Lore merit badge - Google Search

Native American Adventures and Etiquette for Scouts


Hopis say Boy Scout performances make mockery of tradition, religion | Local News |

Parents Angered by Urban Outfitters Selling Boy Scout Shirts - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

KIA KIMA SCOUT RESERVATION - Kia Kima Scout Reservation - Home

Events & Activities | Chickasaw Council

Treasure Island - Cradle of Liberty Council

Creating Boy Scout Ceremonies Without Taking Native American Cultural Property


Order of the arrow | Boy Scouts of America

Order of the Arrow—Red Arrow Award | Boy Scouts of America

The Order of the Arrow

President Franklin D. Roosevelt wears a Native American war bonnet when he was inducted into the National Scout Order of the Arrow, a "brotherhood of service," Aug. 23, 1933. He receives a miniature tepee as a gift from scout Robert Scott of Queens, N.Y., at Ten Mile River Camp, N.Y.

National Committee: Immediate Policy Changes | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Ask the Chairman - Ceremonies | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Guidance Regarding the Use of American Indian Clothing and Symbols in Order of the Arrow Ceremonies, Programs, and Activities | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Wewanoma Lodge Powwow Benefits Local Camp | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

National Scouting Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch-Order of the Arrow

Guide to Inductions | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Order of the Arrow - Jumpstart for New Arrowmen

Baden-Powell | Our History

Order of the Arrow - Female Dance Competition Guidelines.docx

Dancers at Camp Raven Knob Order of the Arrow - YouTube

Boy Scouts Order Of The Arrow 2017 - YouTube

Ahoalton and Other Secrets of the Order of the Arrow - YouTube

Advancement notes: Girls in Cub Scouts, OA crossover ceremonies, more – Bobwhite Blather

Unami Lodge - Wikipedia

Occoneechee Lodge - NOAC 2018 > Home


File:OA Arrow of Light.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

2017 Coosa Lodge Spring Pow-wow – Coosa Lodge, WWW

Wahissa Lodge #118 - Home

Order of the Arrow Twitter

OA / Twitter

Kawida Lodge #480 (@kawida480) / Twitter

Tejas Lodge (@tejaslodge) / Twitter

Chicksa202 (@Chicksa202) / Twitter

Chicksa 202 - Posts

Section S-4 (@SectionS4) / Twitter

Tahosa Lodge (@tahosalodge) / Twitter

Section SR-9 (@SectionSR9) / Twitter

Section SR-9, Order of the Arrow

Section SR-9, Order of the Arrow - Home

Nguttitehen Lodge (@Nguttitehen) / Twitter

Croatan Lodge on Twitter: "Lodge meeting underway" / Twitter

Wagion Lodge 6, WWW (@wagionlodge6) / Twitter

OA South Chief (@OASouthChief) / Twitter

Konepaka Ketiwa 38 (@Konepaka) / Twitter

Karankawa Lodge 307 (@oa307) / Twitter

Ini-To Lodge 324 (@IniToLodge324) / Twitter

Talidandaganu' Lodge (@tali293) / Twitter

Atchafalaya Lodge - Home

Nakona Lodge 150 (@nakona150) / Twitter

Media Tweets by Greater AL Council (@1bsa) / Twitter

Atchafalaya Lodge (@Atchafalaya563) / Twitter

Wahissa Lodge 118 (@WahissaLodge118) / Twitter

Boy scouts of missouri mecsa rendition of a dance 04-16-16 - YouTube

Al E. Bamu (@alibamu179) / Twitter

Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge (@egwatawadee) / Twitter

Occoneechee Lodge (@Lodge104) / Twitter

Madockawanda Lodge - Posts

Madockawanda Lodge (@Madockawanda) / Twitter

Colonneh Lodge (@oashac) / Twitter

Chattahoochee Lodge (@Chattalodge204) / Twitter

Ohkwaliha·Ká Lodge (@OALodge34) / Twitter

SR-3 (@SectionSR3) / Twitter

Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge 23 (@wq23oa) / Twitter

Ajapeu Lodge 2 (@ajapeu2) / Twitter

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Order of the Arrow - Wikipedia

ORDER of the ARROW Tap Out CAMP JOSEPHO (1944) - YouTube

1944 Tap-Out Ceremony | Our History

YouTube - Opening Video - 2013 Coosa Lodge Spring Pow-Wow

YouTube - Secrets of the Order of the Arrow [admonition]

The Tribe of Mic-O-Say

Tribe of Mic-O-Say - website screen capture

Galleries | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

About | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Rank & Paint Stations | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

News | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Dance Teams | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

MakeTalkNow - YouTube

Galleries | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Crossed Arrows | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Public Photos & Videos

Five Rivers | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Kanza | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Lone Star | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Lone Star Dance District

Ma-Has-Kah | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Maha | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Otoe | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

White Shield | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

"Hey @boyscouts, do you support the anti-Indigenous appropriation of @MakeTalkNow "The Tribe of Micosay"?!?!" / Twitter

Micosay - Twitter Search / Twitter

@MakeTalkNow / Twitter

Mic-O-Say, HOAC (@MOS_HOAC) / Twitter

Mic-O-Say - Home

Mic-O-Say - Posts

Pictures | whiteshieldmicosay

Make Talk Now | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

About | The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say

Tribe of Mic-O-Say - Wikipedia

Tribe of Mic-O-Say — Heart of America Council — Boy Scouts of

Year In Review — Heart of America Council — Boy Scouts of America

Heart of America Council — Boy Scouts of America

How the Kansas City Chiefs got their name and the Boy Scout Tribe of Mic-O-Say


H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation — Heart of America Council — Boy

Harold Roe Bartle - Wikipedia

Lamar Hunt - Wikipedia

The Clinton Daily Democrat - Posts

H. Roe Bartle: The Chief (and mayor) who drew the Chiefs to Kansas City | The Kansas City Star

Ranks & Responsibilities — Heart of America Council — Boy Scouts

The non-profit Koshare Museum and Boy Scout Koshare dancers

Koshare Museum Postcard (7)

Time It Was: American Stories from the Sixties - Karen Manners Smith, Tim Koster - Google Books

A World-Class Museum Shaped Through the Efforts of Kids Whose Lives Were Shaped in Scouting | The Koshare Museum

Home of the World's Largest-Self-Supported Log Ceiling | The Koshare Museum

The Taos Founders Room | The Koshare Museum

A Letter to Our Family, Friends, and Alumni | The Koshare Museum

Youth Hostel | The Koshare Museum

Schedule, Events, and Performances | The Koshare Museum

YouTube - Boy Scout Team Eagle Dance

YouTube - Native American Indian Dancing

YouTube - 2018 4th Session Recap

YouTube - KOSHARE documentary

Koshare MUSEUM - Twitter Search / Twitter

Paul Estep on Instagram: “It was raining in Colorado Springs so we went to this museum in La Junta.”

IMLSbot on Twitter: "Koshare Indian Museum received $6510 from the IMLS Conservation Assessment Prog. in FY 1996 #SaveIMLS" / Twitter

American Indian Scouting Association - Wikipedia

History of the Boy Scouts of America - Wikipedia

Indian scout talks: a guide for Boy scouts and Campfire girls - Charles Alexander Eastman - Google Books

Thomas Hartman on Twitter: "Koshare Indian Museum & Trading Post. Wonderful dances! Thank you! " / Twitter

Search - La Junta, CO - LA Junta Tribune - La Junta, CO

Sweet treats at Koshare show - News - LA Junta Tribune - La Junta, CO - La Junta, CO

70th anniversary Koshare Museum - Google Search

Koshare dancing season begins Friday - News - LA Junta Tribune - La Junta, CO - La Junta, CO

Koshare Museum in La Junta celebrating 70 years - News - LA Junta Tribune - La Junta, CO - La Junta, CO

Koshare Museum in La Junta celebrating 70 years - News - BC Democrat Online - Las Animas, CO - La Junta, CO

Workbook: IMLS Discretionary Grant Funding (1996-2014)

Koshare Indian Museum and Dancers - Wikipedia

Taos art colony - Wikipedia

Holiday Celebration Scout Performance | The Koshare Museum

Image-438 Seton's Campsite.jpg (3263×2276)

Chickasaw Council Photos · Kia Kima Alumni Association Museum

The Boy Scouts and the no-win-ness of anti-cultural appropriationism | Jane the Actuary

Seton Memorial Library - Philmont Scout Ranch

Algonquin Longhouse

Welcome from the National Chief | Our History

OA National Chief (@OANationalChief) / Twitter

Charles Eastman Ohiyesa

Charles Eastman - He didn't want to be a show Indian


Syd Beane

Ohiyesa: The Soul of an Indian - Google Search Watch Ohiyesa: The Soul of An Indian

Charles Eastman

ICT Phone Logo

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