#Liveblog #NativeVote18 Flanagan, Bergstrom hold winning tickets

Mark Trahant

Three major races: Wisconsin Secretary of State; Lt. Governor Minnesota Democrats; Lt. Governor Minnesota Republicans

Posted: History Strikes again; Flanagan and Bergstrom will be on November ballot and one will be Minnesota's next Lt. Gov.

10:30 pm (Central)

Minnesota's primary for governor has been called on both times. This race is now one for the history books. Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan on the DFL ticket and Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom on the GOP side.

There has never before been a Native woman elected a Lt. Gov. Now, in Minnesota, that's a sure thing.


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10:10 pm (Central)

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan are nearing a 10 point lead with 63 percent of the ballots counted.

On the Republican side, Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom are also out front, 52 percent to Tim Pawlenty's 44 percent.

9:50 pm (Central)

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty had money. He had name ID. This should have been an easy election, right? This cycle is different for Republicans and Democrats.

Republican primary voters are looking for the most Trump like. As Donna Bergstrom says, "just overthrowing the status quo."

Democrats are looking for candidates to challenge Trump.

Working on a story now, but will continue to live blog with updates.

9:20 pm (Central)

Arvina Martin continues to trail Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette by a two-to-one margin with some 40 percent of the vote counted.

9:17 pm (Central)

AP has called Minnesota's primary for Attorney General. Kieth Ellison was declared the winner "just hours after the Democratic National Committee said it is reviewing allegations of domestic abuse against (the) Minnesota congressman, who also serves as the party's deputy chair." Ellison has denied the allegations.

9:15 pm (Central)

More than a third of the vote has now been counted in Minnesota and Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan continue to lead the Democrat Farmer Labor Party contest for the nomination.

On the Republican side, Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom hold an almost ten point lead over former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and his running mate Michelle Fishbach.

There has never been a Native woman elected to the post of lieutenant governor in any state in the country. So the nomination of two, one as a Republican, the other as a Democrat, would be remarkable. Then it's been that kind of election year.

8:35 pm (Central)

Minnesota. Republican Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom are leading with 13 percent of the vote tallied. They lead former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and his running mate Michelle Fishbach 55 to 42 percent.

On the Democratic side, The Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan is also out front.

8:30 pm (Central)

Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette took an early lead with five percent of the vote reporting.

Douglas LaFollette 19,157 or 65.73 perent

Arvina Martin 9,989 or 34.27 percent

8 pm (Central)

Three more Native women who are running for statewide office will hear from voters Tuesday. Results will be posted throughout the night, keep checking via Indian Country Today.

Arvina Martin, Ho Chunk, is seeking to unseat a Wisconsin Secretary of State in a primary challenge.

Martin was elected to the Madison City Council last year. She told the Cap Times before her swearing in: I think about my tribe the Ho Chunk people have lived here forever so it really kind of hits me in the chest to know that this is quite possibly the first time that a person from at least the Ho Chunk Nation will have been part of the decision making process.

That's exactly what Martin hopes to change. This particular office, Secretary of State, has an interesting history. Democrat Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette. He was first elected Secretary of State in 1974. Ada Deer, Menominee, was one of the first if not the first Native American woman to run for a statewide office in 1978. Deer ran for Secretary of State twice, first in 1978 and then again in 1982. By 1978 LaFollette had gone on to run for another office, but in 1982 he ran in a four-way primary challenging the then-Democratic incumbent Vel Phillips. LaFollette won the primary and Deer placed second. He has been in that office ever since.

There are two Native candidates for Secretary of State, Martin and Gavin Clarkson, a Republican, in New Mexico.

Next door in Minnesota two Native women are campaigning for the office of lieutenant governor, Peggy Flanagan, White Earth Ojibwe, on the Democratic side and Donna Bergstrom, Red Lake Ojibwe, as a Republican. Flanagan is on the ticket of Tim Walz, a U.S. representative running for governor, and Bergtrom is the running mate of Jeff Johnson. In order to advance past this primary the team of Walz-Flanagan and Johnson-Bergstrom need to win the primary.

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