We are so excited about the ICT newscast. We started small, actually in a living room, and now we are in a full studio and aired by PBS stations from Alaska to Wyoming. We still have a long way to go. Our audacious goal is a national broadcast. We want everyone across this great island to see our coverage of the day’s events.

We want to produce news that you have never seen before (especially daily).

The amazing thing is that this broadcast started during a pandemic. First a Zoom call, then another, and soon a real broadcast. Yet once our newscast started, all we could think about was why did it take so long?

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Let’s build on this effort. We launched the newscast knowing that we would need support from foundations, tribes, enterprises, and from people in our communities who treasure innovation. And our supporters have been there for us; we budgeted several fundraising campaigns a year in order to reach our goal of $230,000. We know that’s not easy, but we are on the right track now.

This is the time for you to help.

We’d love the big ticket donors … those who can write checks with lots of zeroes. But the fact is what really drives our individual campaign is support that is meaningful contributions from individuals. Our average donation so far this month’s campaign is $39.34. That’s less than most subscriptions to a daily newspaper. But it works for us because hundreds of people join together, and make a powerful statement that our broadcast, our media enterprise, is important to sustain and grow.

Thank you.

Mark Trahant, editor, ICT

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