NPR reports about North Dakota's disenfranchisement of Native American voters, changing the rules…

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NPR reports about North Dakota's disenfranchisement of Native American voters, changing the rules about ID just a month before the election. "Given the number of Native Americans who have served, fought, and died for this country, it is appalling that some people would still try and erect barriers to suppress their ability to vote," Sen. Heidi Heitkamp said in a statement. "Native Americans served in the military before they were even allowed to vote, and they continue to serve at the highest rate of any population in this country."

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the PROBLEMS are with your host N.D. Indian Gubbermits and the US Federal Delegations (Congress). The failures and disassociations from each others before 2018 (notably 2016) are coming back to BITE YOU in the butt. It is once again the PEOPLE who lose out again, again, and again, and NOW the PEOPLE are being exploited once again, again, by failed "democratic leadership" which includes Heidi Heitkamp particularly. If Heidi had been doing her "job" she would not have been in such a close, tight congressional race! This wasn't a "problem" before election 2018, now it appears to be a "problem". Where were indian gubbers and host US congressional if THEY ARE SUDDENLY concerned now back in 2016, 2017?


So many recent decades, Democrats have "exploited" unregistered, undocumented voters in national and state elections. Recall the dead people "voting"? How about "undocumenteds" showing up in general elections - the push by "some" Democrats to encourage undocumented voting, i.e. Obama comments that undocumenteds should have right to vote! Thanks largely again to out of control Democrats and their wish-wash thinking and thoughts to turning and looking the other way (by not taking a position AGAINST a hap-hazard voting registration/enrollments). Democrat Party and Heidi Heidikamp have their "butts" knotted up! Assure you though - once this election 2018 is over and Heidi maintains her edge, the North Dakota Native American voter - issue WILL BE DROPPED!