'Now This' news video about Warren's DNA Test, features ICT’s Vincent Schilling

ICT editorial team

Schilling says Warren bowed to the pressure and the test was "A colonial solution to a Native American problem"

The popular video news site 'Now This news,' known for its short videos on a myriad of pertinent topics across the social media landscape, and has millions of followers on social media, has recently released a video titled “Native Leaders Unhappy About Sen. Warren's Public DNA Test,” which features the comments for Indian Country Today associate editor Vincent Schilling.

The video, produced by Mike Madden at Now This delves into how the Native community has responded to Senator Warren’s DNA test, proclaiming she has Native American ancestry.

The video also includes quotes from the Cherokee Nation as well as from Kim Tallbear an author of a book about Native American DNA practices.

In the video Schilling says Warren bowed to the pressure that Native people feel every day, and that there is no escape hatch plan. He calls Warren’s test, ‘A colonial solution to a Native American problem.”

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David Hollenshead
David Hollenshead

It is a relief to hear Vincent Schilling complain about being told to take a DNA Test. My response has always been that if it would answer medical questions about my arthritis, I would take one. But I have no claim to a First Nation just because my teeth & bones could only have come from an Ancestor who crossed the Bering Strait. Just as I have no claim to European Citizenship because my blue gray eyes could only have come from a European Ancestor.

But I do deal with the Hate, as I appear even less European than Vincent Schilling does. There is no way to hide being one & a half bus seats wide. I’ve been called names like “mountain man” by Native Americans, and things I won’t say here by Americans of European Ancestry. The question is are people like me just “the Other”?


Being determines consciousness. If you walk the walk; if you talk the talk. If you dance in the pow wows. If you live the life. If you honor the past; acknowledge the present, and look forward to the future. Is the past real, or is it like a dime store indian? To be dusted off and presented as a badge of "honor"? Or, is it a thing that is very much apart of you? i am not Native, nor do I claim to be so. I have stood with my sisters and brothers of the Native communities for a long time. I have gone to the pow wow's and even had Pilgrims in Plymouth run scared at the very sight of Native people. I don't live on the reservation, but neither does she. I am more native than she will ever be, but I don't claim to be one either. That is the difference between me and her. I am neither the other white (dark) meat. We either stand united or we shall fall divided.