New Mexico GOP candidate Janice Arnold-Jones questions Deb Haaland’s heritage

This morning on Fox and Friends, GOP congressional candidate for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, Janice Arnold-Jones, (left) questioned her Democratic opponent Deb Haaland’s (right) Native American heritage. Screen grab, Fox and Friends.

Vincent Schilling

Arnold-Jones also stated a genuine Laguna Pueblo tribe member would not support ‘open borders.’

This morning on Fox and Friends, GOP congressional candidate for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, Janice Arnold-Jones, questioned her Democratic opponent Deb Haalands Native American heritage.

On Fox News Thursday morning, Arnold-Jones was questioned by host Ainsley Earhardt.

Earnhardt asked about Haaland potentially becoming the country's first female Native American in Congress.

Arnold-Jones replied "That's what they say, yes," responded Arnold-Jones, to which the host promptly replied "That's what they say? What do you mean by that?"

Arnold-Jones said Well, Im saying theres no doubt that her lineage is Laguna, but she is a military brat just like I am...I think it evokes images that she was raised on a reservation she belongs to a Pueblo.

Arnold-Jones also stated a genuine Laguna Pueblo tribe member would not support "open borders."

In a statement emailed to Indian Country Today shortly after the interview, Haaland wrote the following response:

Statement from Deb Haaland on racist assertion that military service means someone isnt really Native American on Fox News:

"My opponent's assertion on Fox News today that my parents' military service, or not being raised on a reservation, means I am not Native American is racist, an assault on military families, and wrong.

"For generations, Native Americans have been subjected to genocide, forced assimilation, and government-backed family separation. Even today, Native American Tribes suffer through attacks on tribal sovereignty and the ongoing unanswered epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

"Despite all of that, Native Americans are still here, we are proud, and we matter. I am proud to be a citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna, and I am proud of my parents service in both the Marines and the US Navy.

See the clip of Janice Arnold-Jones on Fox and Friends here:

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Comments (12)
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This stuff is just so weird. Where do these conservatives even come up with it?


The real facts ARE that most registered, enrolled Laguna Pueblo (all Legit New Mexico Pueblos) at 40 years and older DO NOT SUPPORT OPEN US borders! In fact there is a traditional degree of trepidation toward "spanish" especially in light of Spanish (hispanic) relations to as early as 1600s! "Spanish" has obvious influence into Mexico, Central America, i.e language. It is no wonder traditional, conservative Pueblos do not favor anymore "spanish" crossings than what they've done already into USA from 1600s 1700s and 1800s. The American presence gave all New Mexico self-goverence which includes the "Lincoln-cane" which are still revered and cherished as the testaments to USA_NEW MEXICO Pueblo relations. If Deb Haaland recites the events and historical harshness, she needs to recite SPAINISH influence which reflects back to Mexican affairs!


Deb Haaland is the real thing. Many Native people find it an honor to serve their country just like Debras parents did. As thoughtful person, Laguna Pueblo members have a diversity of views.


"Open Borders" do not exist with legitimate American Indian Nations, i.e. Laguna, Navajo, etc. There are LAWS for Tribal enrollment as members. Not everyone and nor does anyone become enrolled, registered, entitled. There are TRIBAL LAWS against "OPEN ENROLLMENT"! A Navajo cannot become a "member" unless there are specific instances to be legally fulfilled.


@JackBilly71TL Actually Pueblo tribes, and many other indigenous nations, had their own forms of self-governance before the colonists arrived. It was not "given" to us by the US government.


I have read this article, and I have seen the video. Therefore, I have read and heard nothing wrong with what Arnold-Jones had said. Overall, Arnold-Jones had said that Deb Haaland’s Laguna heritage was 'wonderful', but Arnold-Jones did not understand why Deb Haaland would support 'open borders' when it could affect Native Americans on Indian reservations at or near the border with illegals passing through there. Arnold-Jones thinks that Deb Haaland would support 'closed borders' which would better protect Native American citizens living on Indian reservations which are at or near the border. This article and Deb Haaland over analyzed what Arnold-Jones was saying, calling it 'racism'. It's not. Arnold-Jones is thinking of the American citizen in protecting them. Deb Haaland is putting racism into Arnold-Jones words. It's the normal Democrat campaign philosophy of putting down Republicans by lying in order to win.

My opinion: Those who come unlawfully across our USA borders have broken the law. They either need to be put in jail or prison, or fingerprinted, photographed, and sent back across the border (Mexico). Sanctuary states (California) and Sanctuary cities that exist in America don't help the American citizen, and those illegals who commit murder should not be protected by Sanctuary states and Sanctuary cities. A 'Wall' (closed borders) provides Security for American citizens. If you don't have a border, you don't have a country. An 'open border' breaks down America's uniqueness and increases crime. Because Deb Haaland wants 'open borders', she is not the best choice to choose for the United States House of Representatives for New Mexico's 1st congressional district.


Its a "mob""tribal" mentality of tearing down or turning over established law, statues, standards and traditions for something that is entirely WRONG! Even traditional/tribal/native tribes have "laws" against their (non-distinct tribal members/groups). No everyone and everybody, for example, can become LAGUNA Tribal members nor be allowed to live on native-Laguna Nation lands. As Deb Haaland is supposed Laguna, her "traditions" and "upbringing" are rooted in Laguna traditions of understanding and/or opposing "open" borders!