Navajo VP praises Donald Trump on funding, public safety

Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer (photo screenshot via Republican National.convention)

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‘We, for years, fought congressional battles with past congressmen and senators that were part of a broken system that ignored us; that is, until President Trump took office’  #NativeVote20

Kolby KickingWoman
Indian Country Today

Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer opened Night Two of the Republican National Convention, endorsing President Donald Trump for the 2020 election.

Speaking in pre-recorded remarks from Shiprock, New Mexico, Lizer ran through a list of accomplishments the president has achieved for Indian Country in his first term. The Navajo Nation second-in-command said it wasn’t until Trump came into office that Indian Country had a true seat at the table.

“Our people have never been invited into the American dream,” Lizer said Tuesday. “We, for years, fought congressional battles with past congressmen and senators that were part of a broken system that ignored us.”

Lizer said Trump has made it a priority to repair the federal government's relationship with the Navajo Nation and credited Trump with delivering the “largest financial funding package ever to Indian Country” with the CARES Act. 

The Trump administration sided with Alaska Native corporations in a dispute over how the coronavirus relief money would be divided. 

Lizer praised the president for the establishment of “Operation Lady Justice,” a White House task force addressing missing and slain American Indians and Alaska Natives, as well as for funding to improve public safety and support crime victims in Native communities.

Lizer was present in the Oval Office at the signing of the executive order establishing the task force.

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Lizer also applauded Trump for reactivating the White House Council on Native American Affairs and for his judicial appointments.

“President Trump also strengthened the Supreme Court by nominating strong conservative judges like Neil Gorsuch, who supports Native American rights,” Lizer said.

Also making brief taped remarks Tuesday night was Nick Sandmann, the former Covington Catholic High School student who gained national attention for his interaction with Nathan Phillips, Omaha, at the Lincoln Memorial last year.

Sandmann shared his story behind what transpired and said he “found myself face to face with Nathan Phillips and other professional protestors looking to turn me into the latest poster child showing why Trump is bad.”

Sandmann asserted that the simple act of wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap made him the target of network and cable news.

Both Sandmann and Phillips later said they were trying to defuse tensions among three separate groups participating in both demonstrations. Video of the encounter showed Sandmann and Phillips standing very close to each other, with Sandmann staring, and at times smiling, at Phillips as Phillips sang and played a drum.

Sandmann later settled lawsuits against CNN and other media outlets

Being the lone Native voice thus far at the convention, Lizer closed his remarks with a ringing endorsement for the president in the upcoming election.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. I'm excited to endorse President Trump's reelection. And, Mr. President, we look forward to hosting you very soon.”

Last week, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez appeared with several other Democrats in a virtual keynote address at the Democratic convention.

“There’s no secret we are a split ticket,” Lizer said during a Navajo town hall Tuesday with Nez. “We are working both sides, and we are well represented in Washington.”

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Myron was there speaking for Myron, everything people with a "moral purpose" worked hard in forcing a racist White house staff to release funding for different causes was turned upside down by the MYRON. He represented the Navajo Nation disgracefully; he falsely gave the impression that Trump was the critical decision maker helping Native Americans. This man's (MYRON!) brain was in the Republican alternate reality. As a "real" Navajo Vietnam Vet, I think an opportunity was miss to redefine the Republikan MAGA. Myron embraced Trumps alternate reality trying to take us back to a time when extreme financial and racial inequities existed all across America. Myron defined Indians as still pandering to lairs with our tails between our legs. A solid majority of the Dine' Nation are not in agreement with Myron. They support Biden, the new yesterday's Republican misinformation machine, and a few are behind Trump's new "Republikan Party."

SissetonPhD Educator
SissetonPhD Educator

Myron is DEFINITELY is easily fooled by self-centered sociopaths like trump whose sole purpose for EVERYTHING is to OWN, STEAL and become the sweeper of Putin and all dictators! Myron, shame on you! Have you forgotten or have never learned any history between Native people and the land-guzzling, mass-murders and the complete annihilation of All Indigenous people? You have disgraced all Native people by groveling to get what the Dine People and all Native people deserve: respect, honor, upholding the treaties, forcing the injustices constantly attacking the sovereignty and rights that remain OURS, no matter what this lying, disgusting and worthless human being whose only goal is to have all power at any cost! Myron, you better get a clue and seek out the truth from the elders who know arrogance, ignorance, cheaters and those whose only goal is to CONTROL and STEAL everything from everyone! trump is on record ad nauseum on his racist, anti-Native support for any rights, and his HATE for any support we have! We have been robbed of 98% of our lands, limited our treaties to keep tribal people always having to fight repeatedly for what is ours by treaty and by law! We have paid and paid, and it is time for this lying, hater of all who are NOT white and rich to be sent back to his tower of manipulation and greed while the world sighs and returns to reuniting again!

Myron, stand UP! Defend your people and Nation! Remove the blinds and see the racist, hater and disgusting liar that can't and won't stop until he is crowned DICTATOR of the WORLD! trump violates treaties at every bend, keeps the poor in desperate chaos, desecraters our Paha Sapa--the Black Hills--and wants to have the gov. of South Dakota, where I am from, to put his face on that "monument" that is sacred to the Dakota, Lakota, Dakota and most of the Plains Nations! Get off your knees, Myron. The Dini people are strong and deserve leaders that work FOR THEM, not kiss the orange ass of this disgusting, evil tyrant who should have NEVER been in the White House! Ask Putin how he and his "comrades" pulled off "stuffing the ballot box" in 2016 to put Put-in the position of owning this nation. Get that orange-hair maniac OUT of the office he and his family stole! Illegal, immoral, selfish and self-centered, a mentally deranged man who runs on illegal swindling to profit his companies and family at the expense of those who desperately need help! trump is inept at every level to be a "leader"! He has attacked every nation except Russia, and made the US a joke! He has ignored and lied about the pandemic, and lied at least 27,000 times according to the Washington Post which he hates because he cannot accept facts and truth. What he spews is hate! He should have never been allowed to take the Oath of Office! The evidence has been proved repeatedly, and if this country wants to be controlled and all democracy erased, just vote for this evil, manipulative, self-centered and mentally deranged IDIOT! Myron, stop peddling LIES for this man who hates so completely he has destroyed the lives of thousands of families and their children he has taken away. These kids will NEVER be healed because of trump's hate. Think about Kit Carson and what he did and thought of the Dine People on the Long Walk. Get a clue and see the pain. Your vote against him will help HEAL what this madman has destroyed! Sisseton Ph.D. Educator


Trump should be put before a firing squad. Just sayn'