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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. (AP) — Navajo Nation health officials on Tuesday reported no new confirmed cases of coronavirus but four additional deaths. 

The latest figures put the total number of people infected at 9,903 with 527 known death.

Tribal health officials said the case total includes two previously unreported positive cases from July.

They said 97,644 people have been tested for COVID-19 and 7,157 have recovered.

Officials reported one new coronavirus case Monday and no additional deaths.

Much of the Navajo Nation has been closed since March as the coronavirus swept through the vast reservation that extends into New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

Tribal officials are extending partial weekend lockdowns and daily curfews through September to help control the spread of the coronavirus.

The majority of people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 recover. For some people it causes mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough.

But for others who contract the virus, especially those who are older or have underlying health conditions, it can cause more severe illness and death.

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