#NativeTwitter: Join the Twitter hashtag chat, #WeAreStillHere on Thursday 10-25

Vincent Schilling

On Thursday, October 25 from 1 to 2pm eastern time, join the #WeAreStillHere hashtag Twitter chat

On Thursday, October 25 from 1 to 2pm eastern time, #NativeTwitter, Native media, advocacy and activist organizations will be joining along to share that Indian Country as a whole is still alive and well.

​The #WeAreStillHere hashtag Twitter chat was conceived by Native advocates Crystal Echohawk and ICT contributor Rebecca Nagle to foster greater awareness regarding the contributions of Indian Country.

In an emailed statement to Indian Country Today, Nagle expressed the importance of the tweet chat this Thursday.

"If you haven’t yet, please take time to look at the report Reclaiming Native Truth. This groundbreaking research found that not only are Native people erased from K-12 education, media and pop culture, but that this--more than any other factor--undermines support for Native rights. On Tuesday, Teen Vogue will publish an article detailing the findings in the report. We will use Tuesday’s national coverage to promote the tweet chat."

"During the tweet chat, we will all tweet questions and content using the same hashtag to spark a conversation on Twitter and beyond. The questions and outline are detailed below."

​How to follow a #Hashtag Chat in Twitter

"If you’ve done a tweet chat before, here is an article with more info about how they work and how to participate," wrote Nagle.

Promoting the Tweet Chat:

  1. Please invite people to and promote this FB event:
  2. Please use the attached graphic on social media to promote the tweet chat.
  3. Here are some sample tweet and text for an email to share to promote!

Nagle and Echohawk also gave Twitter / tweet examples people could share on social media.

Join #WeAreStillHere twitter storm about how invisibility is the modern form of racism against Native people THIS Thur Oct 25 1p EST with the hashtags #WeAreStillHere #NativeTruth #IllumiNative w/ @NDNrights @NativeApprops @Native_NewsNet @NativeOrganizer @ndncollective & more

Native Americans are erased from pop culture, news & K-12 education. This invisibility-more than any other factor-undermines support for Native American rights. Join our #WeAreStillHere tweet chat THIS THUR Oct 25 @ 1pm EST! w/ @NotYourMascot @tribecalledgeek @womensmediacntr

Join @CrystalEchoHawk @Center4Native @collegefund @EvrydayFeminism @indianz @IndianCountry @NativeChildren @niwrc & more for the #WeAreStillHere: Reclaiming #NativeTruth tweet chat THIS Thur Oct 25 1pm EST about how invisibility is the modern form of racism against Native people.

This THUR join Native leaders and allies to name invisibility & erasure as the modern form of racism against Native Americans. #WeAreStillHere tweet chat Oct 25 1pm EST w/ @womensmarch @ndncollective @rebeccanagle @NDNrights & more!

The #WeAreStillHere Tweet Chat is sponsored by IllumiNative, Center for Native American Youth, American Indian College Fund, Everyday Feminism, Indianz.com, Indian Country Today, National Indian Child Welfare Association, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Native American Journalists Association, Native American Rights Fund, Native Appropriations, Native News Online, Native Organizers Alliance, NDN Collective, Not Your Mascot, Oneida Nation, A Tribe Called Geek, The Women’s March and the Women’s Media Center.

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No. 1-1

This generation has the right idea, we have to scream and holler for the world to hear and see that we exist, we have been here, we have been victims for over 500 years. Invisibility is not a new modern form of racism, it has been used since ancient times. Many cultures have tried to erase ethnic victims off the face of the earth to steal the victims possessions & even to steal their cultures. When the European bully countries came here, first as spies then as terrorist, they tried to ethnically cleans our forefathers off the face of the earth. When good humanity of the earth realized this the terrorist then started to brutally march & herd indigenous north & south so that they could occupy the continent. Marching our forefathers north, it was believed they were making them invisible & the world would not see or know or hear from us. Marching & herding the indigenous south, they drew a line that would indicate a "no longer your land" border. The entire evil & ugly scheme is beyond human belief but their creative propaganda campaigns and human orchestration & manipulation was successful for a time. There are still "good" humanity left in this world that know wrong when they see and hear it. So scream & holler loud and proud! Go to other countries and tell the stories, give inspiration to other indigenous from Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, & all the other humanity that has suffered at the hands of the same European countries as we have. They do not want indigenous to thrive, they never did! We must make ourselves very, very visible & audible so the rest of the world will also watch and keep an eye out for the sneaky but evil actions that may be repeated.