#NativeNerd movie review #Venom - Spoilers at the bottom & my spot-on prediction

Sony Pictures (and my attempt at merging with a symbiote) - Go see this movie!

Vincent Schilling

Tom Hardy was spectacular, the CGI was flawless and Sony has opened up a whole new Marvel parasitic symbiote world!

So I saw Venom last night.

I wore my Carnage t-shirt. Carnage is another one of the parasitic symbiotes in the Venom universe. I got my opening night Venom comic book. I had pre-ordered my seats to sit in the front of the top row at the AMC IMAX 3D viewing.

I was ready.

Hey, in case any folks from this movie are looking for a great movie review sentence, here you go:

“Venom was a spectacular and surprising ride of chaotic mayhem championed by Tom Hardy!”

This movie did NOT disappoint me in any way, shape or parasitic symbiote form. I brought my nephew Parker, who joins me on many of my movie review excursions as well as my good buddy Dann. During movies, we usually make remarks at certain things, make jokes at a dumb scene or even say “Wow, that was cool.”

None of us talked throughout the entire movie.

It was Marvel magic. Sony, Tom Hardy and the other actors came together in pure venomous beauty. I can’t wait to see it again.

In my continuing review, I am going to break this up into a few sections, first I will have a ‘minor spoiler’ review section with minimal details without revealing too much about the plot. Then I will end this article with a ‘major spoilers’ section in which I will go into some major plot-revealing details and I will even reveal a massive prediction I made previously that I hadn’t heard anyone talk about, but I will say my true #NativeNerd colors shone bright because my prediction about the trajectory of this Venom and symbiote Universe was 100% spot on.

I literally walked out of the theater exclaiming “I KNEW IT! I TOLD YOU!” I will reveal my prediction in the major spoilers section below.

Don’t believe me? See my previous #NativeNerd column. I also go much deeper into the history of these alien symbiotes that have to merge with a living host in order to survive.

#NativeNerd: The new Venom movie trailer! And an added bit of Venom’s history

Minor spoiler section

HUGE applause to Venom’s lead actor Tom Hardy as the investigative journalist Eddie Brock. Hardy is a great actor known for such films as Dunkirk, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Dark Knight Rises.

He brought so much to the role, and as a journalist myself, a true sense of believability. Sometimes when actors traverse into the world you might know, they screw up here and there in some unrealistic way. Not in this case. As Eddie Brock investigates Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation, for using rockets to go into space and testing on Cancer patients that die, Brock gets his life thrown into turmoil for daring to question this billionaire.

Of course since the Life Foundation’s explorations result in bringing back symbiotes from space, Eddie Brock becomes “infected” with the symbiote Venom when doing a bit of investigating.

As a result, the Life Foundation police come looking for Eddie Brock and the fight for dominance ensues.

This fight results in high speed motorcycle chases assisted with symbiote super abilities, fighting SWAT teams without a single bullet or grenade doing damage, and an overall sense of the human-symbiotic relationship as a invincible one. Just stay away from MRI machines.

The one factor I didn't see coming. The movie at times was completely hilarious!

I think director Ruben Fleischer did something truly convincing that isn’t explained in depth too much in the movie. But as a comic book nerd for years, symbiotes are known to take on the characteristics of the host they inhabit. Eddie Brock is a sarcastic, humorous guy and when he has merged with Venom, the both of them share hilarious banter back and forth. Almost as if Eddie is arguing with himself with his own sense of humor, yet Venom maintains a sense of itself.

Bottom line, this movie was a blast. I did a quick search and have already seen a few reviews dissing this movie. I don’t get it, don’t people want to have fun anymore in life? What does everyone have to be a downer?

I loved it. So thumbs down to the haters out there.

My major spoilers section is below this video trailer of Venom

MAJOR spoiler section

What is there not to love about this movie!!!

Ok, if I HAVE to say anything negative, I can say the beginning took a little longer to get going then I would have liked, but then I thought differently once I realized the investment had to be made in order to get going. So the payoff was too good to be critical. I also would have liked another major storyline other than Eddie Brock / Venom trying to eliminate his foe Carlton Drake / Riot portrayed by one of my favorite actors Riz Ahmed. But this just boils down to I wanted more ... much much more. A desired effect for any movie maker.

So the movie starts with a ship crashing from the Life Foundation which loses some of it’s precious cargo. The living symbiotes. Venom and another symbiote get back to the Life Foundation intact, but the symbiote Riot needs to travel via a female paramedic, and old lady and then a little girl to eventually infect Carlton Drake. AWESOME!

But this leaves me to question, what about the missing symbiotes? I have done a bit of research and Scream is rumored to be one of the symbiotes and of course there will be Carnage. But what is left over? I am biting my nails over this question.

That said - my prediction came true!

In my previous article, I had said Woody Harrelson was listed on the IMDb site without a character name. So yes I WAS RIGHT - Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who becomes infected with a symbiote and becomes Carnage. A symbiote with a blood-lust in unison to Kasady. As I mentioned before, symbiotes take on personality characteristics of their hosts.

Let's continue ...

So in Venom, Brock fights Drake as Riot and Riot sails off into a ship in an attempt to go get more symbiotes. Venom slices a hole in the ship. Kaboom.

Brocks falls to earth and Venom uses his symbiote tendrils to form a parachute of sorts. Brock survives. Of course he survives. This movie is too damn good to kill off Brock. But does Venom survive? Ok, I’ll leave one mystery for you to discover in the movie.


At the after credit scenes, Brock has been reinstated as a journalist and is answering a request to interview Cletus Kasady, the serial killer housed in Alcatraz, which has been re-opened to criminals.

Kasady says “...There will be Carnage.” To which I erupted in a “I TOLD YOU!”

Here was my prediction from August:

One of the symbiotes unmentioned in the trailer is Carnage. He is a hugely popular super villain in the Marvel world. Carnage is a symbiote that merges with a serial killer Cletus Kasady. When researching the iMDB page, Woody Harrelson is listed in the movie in one of the tops spots, but his character name is not revealed...I am making the prediction that the Oscar winner is going to play Cletus Kasady, thus becoming Carnage, a blood-like symbiote that bonds with Kasady, embodying his serial killer spirit.

Go see it folks!

One last note, there is a cool end credit special feature of the upcoming animated Spider Man movie with Miles Morales.

As the credits began, there was a really bizarre Eminem 'hip hop' song in which Marshall Mathers keeps singing Venom in a weird droning voice. The song was just plain awful. But weather this brief storm folks, a lot of cool stuff follows.

When will people stop leaving before the end credits?!!


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