#NativeNerd Movie Checklist: 27 titles and available trailers for 2019

Vincent Schilling

Some fun, some scary, some super-nerdy, some are iffy, but I will likely see. Here's my #NativeNerd 2019 movie checklist

Associate editor’s note: On Friday I was about to start working on this article when I learned of the earthquake in Alaska. I focused on that coverage, and understandably so … blessings and prayers to those affected.

In my view, 2018 has been a great year for movies, as well as a wild year for the Marvel Universe. Avengers Infinity War kicked me in the brain … I have speculated a thousand times what is going to happen next, In 2019, we will all find out. The week of that movie release in early May 2019, you can be sure to see a Native Nerd movie review.

I scoured a bunch of movie sites and have come up with a great list of Native Nerdy movies that are releasing in 2019. At the bottom of the article, I will put the links to the sites I looked at, Rotten Tomatoes was the best, but not everything is of interest to me — but they might be of interest to you.

Here are my Native Nerd movie picks to watch out for in 2019:
I am including the trailer if I could find it. As we get closer to December 2019, less trailers are available.

December 2018
Though not 2019, Just a reminder Aquaman is coming December 21st.

January 2019


Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, James McAvoy (X-Men’s latest Charles Xavier) and Sarah Paulson (a regular on American Horror Story) this movie follows up from the birth of the superhero and supervillain concept from the movie Unbreakable.

Projected Release date Feb 8, 2019

The Lego Movie 2

Emmett continues the ‘Everything is Awesome” story in the next Lego movie … woo hoo!

Projected Release date Jan 18, 2019

February 2019

Alita: Battle Angel

YES! This movie trailer I have seen a ton of times and I get more excited everytime I see it. Alita is an android girl discovered by a man who repairs her and discovers her human brain is completely intact. She also discovers she is an incredible warrior - whose ancient technology is sought by the conglomerate techno-pirates of today. Beyond incredible looking in my view.

Projected Release date Feb 14, 2019

Happy Death Day 2U

Meh … some girl relives her death in different ways and can’t get out of the cycle until she figures it out. A Groundhog Day horror movie. Maybe I’ll check it out. Alita is the same day, so that is my priority over this. (Though not on Valentines Day of course ...)

Projected Release date Feb 14, 2019

March 2019

Chaos Walking

There isn’t a trailer yet (cc: me at @VinceSchilling on Twitter if it comes out and I’ll post it in this article) - It’s probably the next Twilight of sorts about a young teen romance starring Tom Holland (Spider-Man 2019) and Daisy Ridley on a planet that has killed all the women due to a virus of some sort … except for Daisy’s character. I’m plugging it because of Tom - he does a good Spider-Man.

Captain Marvel


Yes!!! The newest superhero! A woman! This is Marvel’s answer to Wonder Woman no doubt - but it was long on the books to be made. I am going to pass out waiting for this movie. Beyond excited here folks! Marvel has long called Captain Marvel to be potentially the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe.

Projected Release date March 8, 2019

April 2019


I’m not sure what DC is doing with Shazam. Historically, young teen Billy Batson says Shazam! To call upon his alter-ego the superhero Shazam. Kind of like Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk. But the humor is weird in the trailer, Shazam is coming off looking like some sort of doofus. I don’t know if DC is trying to be funny, be a spoof or what, but this isn’t Deadpool, and I don’t know if it is going to work. I’ll see it when it comes out.

Projected Release date April 5, 2019

Pet Sematary

Really? Another one? At least John Lithgow is in it. And of course the stinky grave dirt covered evil cat. I don’t know … maybe I’ll see it.

Projected Release date April 5, 2019


Ok the trailer is out! It looks to be a great reboot of the popular movies released years ago with Ron Perlman. Though the previous will be hard to beat. But truth be told, Ron Perlman will be sorely missed by me.

Update - David Harbour as Hellboy looks like he is straight going to kill it. Props to Ron Perlman, but this looks amazing.

Projected Release date April 12, 2019

May 2019

Marvel Avengers - Movie #4 - aka "Avengers Endgame"

This movie is top secret and even the title hasn’t been revealed due to the nature of where the Infinity War film left us. My stomach aches thinking of all the superheroes, villains and people that have crumbled to dust. (DAMN YOU THANOS!!!) I’ll be there May 3rd.

I added the trailer Friday December 7th.

Projected Release date May 3, 2019

John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves’ role as ‘retired’ hitman John Wick is hugely popular and few details are known about the third chapter so far. Here is a trailer with a few details.

Projected Release date May 17, 2019

Ad Astra

Meh … Brad Pitt is an engineer that travels to find his dad, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who is missing in action after traveling to Neptune 20 years earlier. Huge maybe, leaning towards not, depending on how the trailer looks.

Projected Release date May 24, 2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I’m not a huge fan of contemporary Godzilla movies, I like the old-school stuff with miniature city models and dudes duking it out in huge rubber suits. But this movie is coming out this year. I might go see it.

Projected Release date May 31, 2019

June 2019

Dark Pheonix

YES! The next installment of the X-Men franchise where Jean Grey walks that fine line between superhero and super-villain.

Projected Release date June 7, 2019

Men in Black International

Starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) — without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones - But awesomely Liam Neeson. No surprise, last I heard Tommy was lost near Neptune and Will was running a half marathon in Brazil.

Projected Release date June 14, 2019

July 2019

Untitled Annabelle Sequel

Love these scary movies loosely based on the real possessed Annabelle doll. I am looking forward to it - though the Nun wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be.

Projected Release date July 3, 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland revealed the name of the next Spider-Man movie backstage at Comic-Con via Instagram. Looks cool. If Spider-Man is alive, where are the other characters? Could this be some sort of Secret Wars or everyone is alive movie moment? Who knows...

Projected Release date July 5, 2019

Lion King

A full-on weird CGI version. I still think computer-generated animals have a long way to go. But I am interested to see where this goes. The trailer looks wild. FYI — Disney has had the trademark to use Hakuna Matata since the 1990s. Seriously Disney?

Projected Release date July 19, 2019

August 2019

The New Mutants

Looking forward to the Native leader of the New Mutants Danielle Moonstar portrayed by Native descended actor Blu Hunt. The movie details the lives of teen mutants in an mental asylum/hospital.

Projected Release date August 2, 2019

Hobbs and Shaw

A cop duo movie starring two of my all-time favorite actors Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. Fast and Furious spinoff, not sure how this will be.

Projected Release date August 2, 2019

September 2019

It: Chapter Two

I haven’t even seen Chapter 1. Who knows … I miss Tim Curry.

Projected Release date September 6, 2019

October 2019

Zombieland 2

10 years later … it’s time for a sequel. I’m a massive Zombie fan … bring it on.

Projected Release date October of 2019


Perhaps you’ve seen some of the imagery online of Joaquin Phoenix as the earliest rendition of the DC Joker. I’m interested for sure.

Projected Release date October 4, 2019

November 2019

Untitled Terminator

“I’ll be back.”

Until you don’t want me back any longer … we will see.

Projected Release date November 1, 2019

Kingsman 3

Lots of fun about the England-based spy movie franchise. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Projected Release date November 8, 2019

December 2019

Masters of the Universe

A freaking He-Man movie? Wow, bring it on Skeletor, Merman and more … I am an 80’s kid, a lot of you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Lots of potential muscles in this movie.

Projected Release date December 18, 2019.

Star Wars IX

A sequel/trilogy finale directed by J.J. Abrams. I am down.

Projected Release date December 18, 2019.

Here are more trailers, 2019 movie lists and movies galore if you want to research further:

Rotten Tomatoes

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