#NativeNerd Column - Seven internet tools I use everyday

Vincent Schilling

Want to text from your desktop? Save all your internet links instantly? Tweet with a click? Fill in your address info?

Remember these names … Goo.gl Url Shortener, Tweet This Page, Adobe Converter, LastPass, Search by Image, Session Buddy and MightyText … well, actually you don’t have to remember the names, just remember the Indian Country Today associate editor Vincent Schilling is a real Native Nerd.

When surfing the web, did you know that there are internet browser tools that don’t come with a simple internet browser installation? As a true Native Nerd, I am here to tell you that there are internet browser add-ons or “extensions” that can be installed along with your browser (In the case of this article - Google Chrome) that can make a few of your daily tasks easier.

Start by accessing the Google Apps Web Store

(Follow my terribly drawn arrows)

Ok, once you get to the Web Store for Google chrome, many Nerds like me will oooh and ahhh about all of the limitless possibilities. And truth be told - some of these Chrome Extensions (things to make your web browser customized to your desires) are a lot of fun.

Some you will install and use them all the time. Some you will install and never use. You can manage extensions — including uninstalling them — by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner, go to More Tools / Extensions.

I have kept some, deleted a lot after years of using them - these are my keepers.

Goo.gl Url Shortener

This is the link to my August 17th Native Nerd Article titled: #NativeNerd column: I am a Native Nerd. Are you?

Nice and long isn’t it? One click on the little Goo.gl Url icon and I get this:

- It is the same as above - just shorter.

Thanks Google. Other extensions do this too. Goo.gl is my favorite.

Tweet This Page

This is a great add-on to automatically tweet a page and/or get the title of a page and the associated url. I use this a million times a day. Well, maybe half a million. Click the icon and this page pops up.

I usually adjust it a bit before tweeting or cut and paste into my Twitter page because it doesn’t give you the option to upload a photo - but I use it for so many things, this is a minor infraction. There are several apps that do this. This one is decent.

Adobe Acrobat - Convert Page to PDF

Ok, maybe a bit nerdy for some as I am a journalist that needs to save pages as a .pdf file for later viewing, but also a good thing to have if you suspect someone might change content. There are several apps that do this and most are comparable.

LastPass Password Manager

This is the best password manager out there that also allows you to create “Autofill” profiles. Let’s say you go to Joe’s Teddy Bear Warehouse and you want to create a profile with a password, and get put onto their mailing list. If you create an autofill profile, with one click you can fill out all of your address information and create a username and password that is all encrypted. When you visit the site again, LastPass remembers your username and password.

Google Search By Image

See an image online that you kind of recognize, but maybe can’t put a name to a face? Or maybe that island location is a place you’d love to visit?

With Google Search by Image, you are often able to find out more information about the photo, find a larger image, find location info or even learn about the original photograph copyright info. (Something I appreciate as a journalist and pro photographer in today’s online world.)

It also adds an extension to your right-click menu, allowing you to “Search Google for Image.” LOVE IT!

Session Buddy (One of my ALL-TIME Favorites!)

Ok - have you ever had WAY too many tabs open, and you just wanted to close everything down - but you didn’t want to lose everything you searched for? Session Buddy is your GODSEND!

With this app, you can save all of your webpage links and even come back to it later without losing anything. I LOVE this app so much, I made a video about it - to which the developer of Session Buddy came and thanked me. If I had to choose my two favorites, it would be LastPass and Session Buddy.

Here’s the video I made which has over 12,000 views to date: (Extra Note - ICTMN, is now just IndianCountryToday.com)

One additional nice thing is exporting page titles and hyperlinks. An amazing feature if you need to show any scholarly types a list of your research.


Stop texting from your phone when you are sitting at your computer by using MightyText. Text from your computer! With MightyText, it automatically sends it to your phone, etc.

MightyText - the numbers are whited out above for obvious reasons, but this is the app on your desktop. SWEET!

There are a few minor things I would change, list mark messages as read in your phone - but when you are juggling many things, it is a life saver.

You have to have an Android phone, and a supporting browser - connect the two - and you are on your way. There might be an app that supports iPhone, but I haven’t found it. And as an Android enthusiast, I am much more immersed in Android apps. (Sorry Apple people!)


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