#NativeNerd Column: A list of awesome Native nerd-friendly Twitter accounts

Vincent Schilling

Here are cool nerdy, funny social media Native nerd appropriate accounts that should give you a smile or bit of fun

Happy Friday all. It has been a great day for Indian Country and Indigenous People as the Indigenous People’s March took over Washington D.C. It was great to see a lot of cool folks out there that I know speaking and representing for Native people. Good stuff!

This week I thought I would share a few cool Native peeps out there who bring a bit of fun to my social media timeline. I am literally doing this on a Friday afternoon with a few folks in mind, but I already have the feeling I am going to forget to add a few awesome folks - so PLEASE don’t hesitate to remind me and I will post updates to this article right away. I might even create a whole ‘nother article.

So here goes, A list of cool Native nerd-friendly accounts to follow on social media

Jeffrey Vereggee

FOLLOW AT - @JeffreyVeregge

For God sakes, he is a comic artist! He’s worked at Marvel! As he describes on his Twitter profile, he is an “award-winning Native American Comic Artist/Designer!” and is Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe.

He also mentions that he “currently has a Marvel art exhibit at the Smithsonian in NY: Of Gods & Heroes.”

Lisa J. Ellwood

FOLLOW AT - @WomanistNerd

Lisa J. Ellwood is a contributor to Indian Country Today who also manages our immaculate Press Pool. But did you know she also wrote a gaming supplement book about Native Vampires? YES!

She is Lenape & Nanticoke and an accomplished Artist, Graphic Artist and avid gamer - follow this account for much Native Nerdiness.

Jay Odjick

FOLLOW AT - @JayOdjick

Go Jay! Get Busy! Jay Odjick is an awesome Algonquin Artist, Writer and the Executive Producer on KAGAGI: The Animated Series which plays on APTN, FNX and NITV. Jay is an amazing artist and an enjoyable conversationalist on social media.

Beth LaPensée

FOLLOW AT - @odaminowin

She makes games, comics and has an overall awesome timeline. With a tweet that says: "Jogging around the house in circles to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO. That mom life," Beth is AWESOME.

Loren Anthony

FOLLOW AT - @Loren_Anthony_

Watch out for this one, folks. Loren is not for the faint of heart. But truthfully, he is hilarious, if sometimes a bit inappropriate. But hilariously inappropriate.

Loren is an actor who recently appeared in Red Dead Redemption and several movies. In all truth, I am sincerely proud of his outreach to youth, elders and more. He lives the warrior spirit. I am proud to know him. It is an added bonus that he is beyond funny.

He can also bench press a Volkswagen as is evident in his weightlifting tweets.

Johnnie Jae

FOLLOW AT - @johnniejae

Johnnie is the founder of a Tribe Called Geek - see below. She speaks much geekdom and is a Founding board member of @notyourmascots & @liveindigenous.

A Tribe Called Geek

FOLLOW AT - @tribecalledgeek

Follow for the name alone!! Calling themselves the account for the Geeks at the Powwow, A Tribe Called Geek is an award-winning media platform for Indigenous Geek Culture & STEM. (Science, Technology, Math and Science fields)

Check them out and follow!

P.S. - they have cool stuff to buy.

Aaron Yazzie
FOLLOW AT - @YazzieSays

He has equipment on MARS!!!!

As he writes on his Twitter profile, Aaron Yazzie is Navajo. And the Mechanical Engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory — which “manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe.” as described by @NASAJPL,.

Yazzie is Áshįįhi. Born for Tódich'ii'nii. And graduated at Stanford in 2008. As an advocate for #Native representation in #STEM, he is the ultimate and amazingly cool factor of one million, nerd.

And remember that latest #MarsLanding craft? Yeah, some of his equipment is on it …

Ali Nahdee

FOLLOW AT - @AliNahdee

Creator, gamer and creator of the Aila Test, Ali is Anishinaabe / Ojibwa is a fun follow and posts oodles about movies and criticizes the lacking Native elements.

Michael Sheyahshe

FOLLOW AT - @sheyahshe

His Twitter description is | indigenous | comics | technology | popCulture - so … yeah. He’s also part of the Indigenous Comics Collection Moonshot. Support them on Kickstarter … see Michael’s tweet below.

Alina Pete

FOLLOW AT - @alinapete

A self-proclaimed geek and Nehiyaw (Cree) cartoonist with a cockatiel named Meg.

Daniel Heath Justice

FOLLOW AT - @justicedanielh

Anyone who describes themselves as a “Colorado-born Cherokee Nation/ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏰᎵ citizen, scholar, fantasy writer. Ph.D., FRSC. Queer Cherokee hobbit, badger and raccoon partisan, beet nemesis. He/him” Gets an IMMEDIATE follow from me … I suggest any nerd or geek loving account holders follow as well…

Rebecca Roanhorse

FOLLOW AT - @RoanhorseBex

Rebecca is a Nebula, Hugo & Campbell-winning fiction writer and a contributing author in the anthology “Hungry Hearts.” Go Rebecca!! Not to mention she is also the author of “TRAIL OF LIGHTNING!”

My wife Delores Schilling

FOLLOW AT - @DelSchilling

OK, LOOK ... yes, there is bias here. But my gosh, no one cracks me up as much as Del. She is SUPER nerd friendly and just a delight to follow.

Last but not least …

ICT's Native Nerd

FOLLOW AT - @ICTNativeNerd

I just created this account for nerd-specific tweets by myself, @IndianCountry Today's #NativeNerd.

My personal journalist / Associate Editor Twitter account of course is @VinceSchilling.


If you have story ideas, requests, tips etc. please email me at vschilling@indiancountrytoday.com.

I absolutely know 100% there are a ton of other GREAT accounts out there … PLEASE share them with me!

Have a great weekend!