Native Nerd Review: Avengers Infinity War is Marvel Hardcore – Spoilers Included

Marvel Studios / Hey Thanos, you really made me furious. Although, you are a complete hardcore villian that I love. You inspired 90% of this Native Nerd review.

Vincent Schilling

Spoiler #1 - There is not a single self-identified Native American in Avengers Infinity War.

But I am Native American, and I liked it. Thus, my review.

If you haven’t seen Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, I will admittedly struggle for a lengthy part of this article in NOT revealing any spoilers to you. But truth be told I am going to have to reveal big time spoilers for me to even explain any reviewable banter.

Overall, my heart was ripped out, stomped on, thrown into a canyon and burned into ash from the sun. My brain was run over by a train and my mouth dropped open so far you could hear an echo. In short, it was awesome. But I was left with a heartache. I can’t wait to see it again.

With Avengers Infinity War, this Native American Nerd was like ‘Holy bleep,’ What did I just watch?” My heart was ripped out and I wasn’t ready for this movie to end. Yeah, it was that good.

If you love superhero movies, THIS is the movie to see. In fact, Marvel has pulled off the arguably best most comprehensive, single-most A-list actor, A-list superhero and supervillain assemblage of marvel-ous mayhem never before even conceived of in the Hollywood blockbuster film world.

Here’s the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer. (Only 184 million views)

You could conceivably watch this movie if you haven’t seen any of the Marvel universe films that include Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, The Black Panther, Captain America, Loki, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and more, more, more! But — if you haven’t watched previous films, you’d miss out on a lot of previous history. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I also don’t want you to miss out. So I also recommend it anyway. You can always go back and play catch up with the Marvel Universe history.

Marvel Studios /The team up in Wakanda!

Marvel history may not be important to some, but stuff like comic book history seriously matters to a Native Nerd like myself.

(Minor) Spoiler – Lots of Team-Ups

It is brilliant to see team-ups never seen before, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor, Doctor Strange and Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and the Black Panther and again more.

Marvel Studios /Thor and Rocket the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor lovingly calls him ‘rabbit.’

​It was pure ecstasy but pure frantic heartache watching a lot a stake battling the anti-heroic forces of Thanos and his horrible Black Order minions Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glave and Black Dwarf.

Marvel Studios /Thanos, the big purple alien, never hesitated to destroy anything in his path to capture the infinity stones that would grant him ultimate powers over all universes.


But’s let’s take a moment to talk about Thanos. Thanos is a huge purple alien and goliath of a villian — that even without his metal glove filled with infinity stones, which will give him all powers over all universes should he get all of the stones hidden and protected all over the far reaches of the universe — still manages to beat the hulk to unconsciousness in moments. Something, I as an utter comic nerd, have never seen in my nearly 51-years of age. The Hulk is beaten so badly, he refuses to surface again for Dr. Bruce Banner, who resorts to fighting with a hulkish version of the Iron Man metal suit.

But Thanos … and yes, he is the most formidable of opponents the Marvel Universe has ever seen… has a sinister plan to cut the Universal needs in half and will stop at nothing to obtain it. He cannot be beat. Although I have to hand it to Ebony Maw, a member of Thanos’ Dark Order, who gives Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange a long movie run for their money. He very nearly wins.

Marvel Studios /Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Wong and Bruce Banner go to kick some Ebony Maw butt … or do they?

​Throughout this movie, I felt like a kid in a candy store and admittedly in a state of disbelief that I was getting to see so many superheros and villians in one movie. Avengers: Infinity War started blasting a few minutes in and never let up. My mind was racing, my eyes were frantically darting back and forth to keep up.

Marvel Studios /In order to most appropriately describe this photo, I can only say: “I am Groot.”

And somehow I was able to take it in. For a while, I was able to take a few of some pretty major surprises, but by God, Marvel, how much can this Native Nerd take?

After awhile, I sat watching open-mouthed … and shook to the core.

I thought, “by God Marvel are you really doing this?” I also thought, “Is all of this really happening?”

This is why.

They freaking killed everybody!

It started with Loki, one of my favorite characters played by Tom Hiddleson, who bit the bullet (well, rather choked on Thano’s dinosaur head sized hands) within minutes of the movie starting. Thanos came for the Space Stone, and then just crushed Loki to death by the throat, after beating the Hulk into unconsciousness. Heimdall, the awesome gatekeeper on Asgard also gets stabbed and dies.

Damnit! This is about ten minutes in.

Then, in order for Thanos to get the Soul Stone, he has to exchange a soul of someone he loves for the Soul Stone, and he throws his own adopted daughter Gamora (the green assassin from Guardians) off the cliff!

NO! Another favorite character of mine!

So later Thanos travels to where Doctor Strange is, who holds the Time Stone. Thanos beats the heck out of everyone and stabs Iron Man in the chest and is about to finish him off. Then, Doctor Strange bargains for Iron Man’s life in exchange for giving Thanos the Time Stone. The stone that controls time… uh oh.

Thanos then only needs the Mind Stone to finish off the Universes.

The Avengers realize that Thanos will be coming for the yellow Mind Stone, which rests on the forehead of The Vision who has traveled to Wakanda. Vision is my other favorite. (Off-topic, I am noticing a lot of green characters in my favorites.)

Marvel Studios /The Vision has no idea his forehead — which hosts the Mind Stone –is about to be ripped out by Thanos.

When Thanos comes for the Mind Stone, the Scarlet Witch zaps it and destroys it in (her lover) The Vision’s forehead. The Vision dies. Multi-Universal tragedy avoided right?

Nope, and guess what Marvel, you didn’t fool me, because I realized Thanos had the Time Stone, so he just reverses time, the Mind Stone goes back together, The Vision is alive … and THEN Thanos rips the stone out of The Vision’s head, killing him a second time.

So now the Vision is dead twice, my heart was throbbing with heartache.


Thanos drops the last stone into his Infinity Glove and snaps his fingers, in order to end half the lives in the Universe. He does this because his planet failed from not enough resources. He thinks the Universes will provide for half as much.

Sounds beautiful right? NO!

Everyone starts crumbling into ash! The Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, Groot, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax, Star Lord … and then the end credits with Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury … yes, ashes.

Marvel Studios /Spidey, Star Lord, Mantis, and Drax!!! … sniff. (There must be a piece of dust in my eye, yeah, that’s it.)

The last message from Marvel? “Thanos Will Return”

Are you breathing hard? Were you doing the movie?

This Native Nerd was breathing hard for sure.

Now I know that due to the situation involving other movies planned to air in the future to include the next Avengers movie, the upcoming Black Panther and others, it simply doesn’t make sense that all of these characters will remain gone forever. But the Marvel Universe can be a fickle thing and stories in the comic book world have long been showing themselves as poor guidelines for outcomes in the Marvel movie universe.

But there will be no doubt quite a bit of cleaning up to do. But the question to ask is how much cleaning up? What is going to be changed forever? Who is never coming back?

Will there EVER be a Native American character — like Danielle Moonstar in the upcoming New Mutants — in the Avengers franchise?

All I can say Marvel, is “What the bleep.”

In terms of my ultimate recommendation, “What are you waiting for, go see this movie!”

And for God sakes people that leave before the credits are over, This is a Marvel Movie – it is 2018! Stay until after the credits are over! The movie isn’t finished yet!