Native Humor: Native Christmas memes and comics to get you into the holiday mood

Vincent Schilling

You know you love memes ... here are a few Native-style, we found some, we made some ...

We all love the internet cannon fodder known as memes. Those sarcastic, funny, one-panel comic photos that people make and share on social media. Some are pretty famous even.

In order to get you into the holiday spirit, albeit a bit spiced with a bit of sarcasm, here a a collection pf Native-themed Christmas memes or one panel comics we found or were made. If we have the photographer's name we will include it, otherwise we found the meme in the annals of the internet.

Enjoy! And happy holidays!

Dasher was the only smart one

Photo: Chris Greenhow / Meme Vincent Schilling

Santa in a Rez Canoe

It's only a matter of time until everyone finds out

Photo: Jack Levick / Meme Vincent Schilling

Loren Anthony knows Nick - but Saint or Nolte?

Photo: Loren Anthony on Instagram / Meme Vincent Schilling

All the Native kids want for Christmas ...

Photo: Jenna Anderson / Meme Vincent Schilling

Rez Trees Be Like ...

Perfect Michael Greyeyes meme ... the eyes tell the story

Courtesy photo

NDN Time

​Sheep can be spiteful on the Rez

​Photo: Mauricio Fanfa / Meme Vincent Schilling

Northern drum

​Good hunting

Santa in a headdress knows what he wants

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