Misty Upham: Proposed new documentary on late actress’s last 11 days

11 DAYS Trailer
11 DAYS Trailer

A documentary film trailer about the search for Misty Upham. She went missing on October 5, 2014 and was found dead 11 days later by friends and family. The ...

Lisa J. Ellwood

The inception of the documentary film, 11 DAYS, came out of the aftermath of confusion regarding the facts

The father of the late Misty Upham has a documentary film about her final days in post-production. The award-winning actress went missing from her sister’s apartment in Auburn, Washington on October 5, 2014. Her family and friends found her body 11 days later at the bottom of a 150-foot ravine near the White River in Auburn.

"The police did not help with the search and rescue and they refused to investigate her unsolved murder,” the trailer for 11 Days: The Search for Misty Upham states. “She was one of a 1000+ missing Native American women that they never search for."

Those closest to her believe she was murdered. The documentary seeks to examine facts about the case that have not been revealed before.

“The inception of the documentary film, 11 DAYS, came out of the aftermath of media induced confusion regarding the facts surrounding Misty’s disappearance and death. The Auburn Police Department and the City of Auburn had their own version and the Media circus spun their version of the facts, coupled with online opinions that culminated into several versions that fostered scenarios without substance,” Charles Upham told ICT via email. “Even some of the things I said were misconstrued so I decided to set the record straight by profiling the events as they unfolded in this film, with proof, so all of Misty’s friends, fans and family could have some closure.”

Produced under the auspices of Charles Upham’s Reelworks Entertainment Group (established in 2009), newly-acquired information has delayed the film’s release. That aside, Upham has an immediate need for additional funds and is requesting donations via GoFundMe.

“The release date of the documentary, at this point, is contingent on the funding aspect. Quite simple put the more money we raise the more we will accomplish allowing us to complete the project in a more timely fashion. In a perfect world we would like to release in March of 2019,“ Upham explained.

“The film will be submitted to film festivals first and then we will try to secure a broader release via streaming media options. An online digital version as well as a DVD/Blu-ray disc will be available options after the conclusion of the film festival season. Due to the nature of copyright and intellectual property rights I cannot elaborate on the content of the film’s script, storyboard, media, synopsis or the new information that has come to light.”

Donations can be made at www.gofundme.com/11DAYS

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