Live blogging tonight: Navajo, Arizona, Oklahoma #NativeVote18

Tahlequah Mayor Jason Nichols, Cherokee, is in a runoff primary for the Democratic nomination for Congress. (Campaign photo)

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Election reports and updates will be posted starting at 9 pm Eastern

Indian Country Today

Live blogging tonight with election reports from Oklahoma, Arizona, and the Navajo Nation.

The primary season for 2018 is almost over -- at least for Indian Country. And just in time, too. Now candidates can gear up for their general election campaigns from Labor Day to Nov. 6, 2018.

Almost. There are still a few states to vote: Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, and Delaware. But as far as #NativeVote18 candidates tonight's primaries are the wrap.

We will also post updates from the Navajo Nation primary.

Live results will be posted starting at 9 pm Eastern.

Background information:

Navajo Nation: Navajo Nation voters will narrow the field of 18 presidential candidates today. It's the largest primary election in the tribes history. There are 109 polling locations spread across the 27,000-square mile nation. Navajo citizens in the Arizona portion can also cast votes in the state primary held on the same day. Story.

Arizona: Even before the general campaign season begins, it's worth noting that this has been an incredible year for Native American women who have chosen to run for office. And Arizona is no different with four Native American women seeking Senate seats. (Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai, Navajo, is running unopposed in the primary.) Preview story.

Oklahoma: Four tribal citizens are running for statewide office or for the Congress in Oklahoma. (Another three tribal citizens already qualified for the November ballot). Preview story.