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Mary Annette Pember
Indian Country Today 

Former state lawmaker Kevin Killer is in the lead in the primary race for Oglala Lakota Nation tribal council president, according to unofficial results released Wednesday.

Killer has received 660 votes, followed by John Yellow Bird Steele with 413 votes, KILI radio reported.

The current president, Julian Bear Runner, is in third place with 363 votes.

There are a number of challenge votes that still need to be verified, but the final count should be finished by Friday, according to a source who was involved with the election process but was not authorized to speak publicly. Challenge votes are those for whom complete voter identification may not have been available.

Citizens chose from 81 candidates to fill 20 council seats plus offices for president and vice president.

Pictured: Oglala Sioux Tribe "Entering Pine Ridge Indian Reservation" sign.

Alicia Mousseau led the race for vice president with 1,029 votes, followed by Bryan Brewer with 735 votes.

Killer served as a Democratic member of the South Dakota House of Representatives from 2009 to 2017 and as a Democratic member of the South Dakota Senate from 2017 to 2019. Born and raised in Denver, he lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Yellow Bird Steele was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation, according to his online biography. He has served as president of the Oglala Lakota Nation for seven nonconsecutive terms in the past.

Indian Country Today was unable to reach the Oglala Lakota Nation election office Wednesday; calls to the office phone were unanswered.

Following is a list of KILI’s unofficial election results. Voters will choose between candidates whose names are starred during the general election on Nov. 3.


As of 11:20 p.m.

OST President

Chase Iron Eyes 127

Darrin Merrival 175

Curtis Temple 35

Greg Ross 96

Lyle Jack 104

Darla Black 113

Julian Bear Runner 363

*Kevin Killer 660

*John Yellow Bird Steele 413

Troy Scott Weston 308

Rae Ann Red Owl 340

Vice President

Cindy Giago 468

Ricky Grey Grass 510

*Bryan Brewer 735

*Alicia Mousseau 1029

Eagle Nest district

*Duane Yellow Hawk 53

*Blaine Little Thunder 101

*Jennilee Rooks 56

Jerome High Horse 26

Colleen Bettelyoun 26

*Wesley Hawkins Sr. 74

Pass Creek district

*Ron Dubray 74

*James Cross 42

*Lydia Bear Killer 56

*Consuelo Means 74

Anna Halversin 37

Julie Bad Wound 34

Oglala district

*Valerie Janis 121

*Tyler Yellow Boy 119

Debra Mousseau 89

Jason Little 41

*Wendell Young Man Jr. 140

*Valentina Merdanian 106

Virginia Starr 45

Stanley Star Comes Out 36

Medicine Root district

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*Gerald Cournoyer Jr. 139

*Beau Little White Man 82

*Ryan Jumping Eagle 176

*Austin Watkins Sr. 149

*Howard Rooks 107

James Toby Big Boy 57

*Joe Reddest 89

Darrel Mesteth 48

Wakpamni district

*Vincent WoodzyTwo Lance Jr. 137

*Joni Morrisette 161

Norene Mousseau 91

Linda Red Feather Garcia 55

Arlene Catches the Enemy 41

*Jacqui Siers 211

*Sonia Little Hawk Weston 188

Kenneth L. Hill 91

*Jane Little Hawk Rodríguez 113

*Michael C. Carlow, Sr. 161

Pine Ridge

*Nakini Mills 163

Elvyn D. Bissonette 69

*Robin Tapio 167

*George Dreamer Jr. 168

*Ella John Carlow 191

*Jennifer Spotted Bear 139

*Julian Spotted Bear 124

Cheryl White Rabbit 33

Porcupine district

Randy Lays Bad 38

*Dave Pourier 125

*Richard Iron Cloud 116

*Philip Good Crow 81

Naomi Felicia 34

*Patrick Ross 81

Paul John Iron Cloud Jr. 28

Eldon Black Bull 60

*Darrell Hernandez 87

Wounded Knee district

Glen Gibbons 63

*Garfield Steele 139

Dakota High Hawk 54

Garfield Apple 65

*Bernardo Rodriguez Jr. 78

*Philip Jumping Eagle 72

Cynthia Clifford 56

*Duane R. Ross Jr. 70

LaCreek district

Craig Dillon 94

Wanda Johnson 58

Cora White Horse 62

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Mary Annette Pember, citizen of the Red Cliff Ojibwe tribe, is national correspondent for Indian Country Today. On Twitter: @mapember. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pember loves film, books and jingle dress dancing.

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