Jourdan Bennett-Begaye joins Indian Country Today as a staff reporter / producer

ICT editorial team

As a journalist on the front lines of Standing Rock and former teacher, Jourdan Bennett-Begaye, ICT’s newest team member

Indian Country Today is proud to announce the newest member of our team, Jourdan Bennett-Begaye. With experience in teaching Native youth as a teacher and working for such publications and organizations as, National Public Radio, The Post-Standard and Native Peoples Magazine, Bennett-Begaye will bring her experience and expertise as Indian Country Today’s full-time staff Reporter / Producer.

Bennett-Begaye twice made a 24-hour drive to report from the front lines of Standing Rock. “Journalism is headed in a new direction of storytelling,” she said. “Reporters, editors, and news organizations must keep up with the ever-changing technology our communities are evolving with. Our people found ways to elevate their voices using social media. Standing Rock is a prime example of that. I’m excited that the renewed Indian Country Today wants to be part of this evolution and uplift those voices even more.”

Mark Trahant, editor at Indian Country Today says of Bennett-Begaye, “I am thrilled that Jourdan Bennett-Begaye will be joining Indian Country Today. She brings great ideas, solid professional experience, and a passion for serving Indian Country.”

Associate editor Vincent Schilling also added his comments on Bennett-Begaye. “I share Mark’s excitement to have a creative and enthusiastic member of the Indian Country Today team. I share her desire to reach out to the young people in Indian Country as well as continue to work for the Native people across Turtle Island. I am confident she will bring great things to this organization. We are excited to have you alongside us Jourdan.”

Bennett-Begaye said she is thankful to come aboard. “I’m looking forward to working with an experienced and knowledgeable team, who is open to my ideas, skills, and experience. As a 20-something Diné woman, that means a lot. I’ve looked up to Mark and Vincent and now I get to work alongside them.”

“It’s been my dream to get closer to Indian Country,” she says. “I love everything about us – our humor, disagreements on Indian and Navajo Taco, music (traditional and contemporary), the stories we share, our strive to understand our individual and collective selves and how to heal. I am ecstatic to embrace it all and show you how beautifully complex (and simple) we are.”

“This is just step one,” says Trahant. “I can’t wait until we have a newsroom full of women and men like Jourdan Bennett-Begaye.”

Jourdan Bennett-Begaye is a reporter/producer for Indian Country Today. She is a citizen of the Diné Nation. Follow her on Twitter@jourdanbb.

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Welcome! I look forward to hearing your voice.


This is great news, both for the present and fo the future.