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Everything cowboy even "rodeo" is Mexican which is indigenous to this continent. Natives of this continent were practicing in actions of rodeo long before any European set foot across the Mississippi. Even the word "rodeo" is Mexican (word was not Spanish cause rodeo was created by Mexicans-their word). The sadness in how they made cowboy an American thing is by using the same propaganda machine - Hollywood - to fraudulently steal the culture. From the hats, dress, boots, leather, terminology, to the entire culture was stolen from Mexicans. In Colorado there is a cowboy museum but not a mention of how the culture was created & originated by Mexicans and totally copied & stolen by Europeans. They used the same strategies to copy & steal cultures, music, land, food, etc., Exploitation is European way of life, it is in their culture to take from others, they are the earth's parasites. So, no one can separate anything cowboy, including rodeo from the Natives of this continent - it is as Native as anything can get!