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Gabriella Cázares-Kelly and fellow member of the Indivisible Tohono team Honmana Seukteoma made an impression on Twitter last week when they posted a fun video of the two racing through the streets of Washington D.C. on scooters in traditional clothing.

As Cázares-Kelly and Seukteoma race in the video, Cázares-Kelly shouts, “Excuse me, I’m Indigenous, coming through, clear the way,” amidst laughter from other members of Indivisible Tohono that are not on camera.

Ten members of Indivisible Tohono traveled to Washington DC last week as part of an effort to share their concerns with political leaders and DC officials. They raised funds as part of a planned effort to travel to DC in order to meet with an approximate thirty members of Congress and Senators.

In a Facebook post, co-founder April Ignacio explained the reason for the groups’ travel to DC.

“We traveled to DC As a result of over eighty donors to work on issues affecting our communities it's a labor of love every step we take forward is from that frame of thinking., said Ignacio.

Cázares-Kelly also shared on the video her thoughts about the day ahead and expressed how Congress leaders and Senate leaders needed to be held accountable for such issues as border patrol harassment and clean water.

“I didn't know we could voice our concerns to elected officials,” said Cázares-Kelly. “But as bosses of these people, we've let them slide.”

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Before embarking on their day in DC, the group also posted a video of themselves going out into DC in traditional clothing.

Indivisible Tohono - Facebook

Indivisible Tohono - Facebook

To learn more about Indivisible Tohono, visit their Facebook page.

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