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Greetings and She:kon everyone, this is Vincent Schilling and I am the associate editor of Indian Country Today and your host for this week’s Video News Update. With this video update, Indian Country Today will bring you some of our top stories to hit the site.

Does Pine Ridge have the unfortunate distinction of being a poster child for Native American poverty? 

Read the article: Seasonal complaint: 'Missionaries are on our reservation!'

According to a report by Mary Annette Pember, that statement is true. In the story, several residents have long handed out flyers warning tribal citizens about potential mistreatment and the rights of missionary organizations to private information. According to Pember, there are a series of reports of aggressive and demeaning treatment of Lakota spirituality, baptizing Lakota children without permission and using humiliating poverty porn to fundraise and promote a colonial agenda. There are also some allegations of sexual abuse and financial misdeeds due to these organizations’ failure to conduct adequate background checks. Pine Ridge has one church for every 388 people, second only to Indianapolis with one church for every 289 people. Read the full story by Pember by following the story link below.

Adam Beach discusses his Netflix role in ‘Juanita’ and says his costar, Academy Award nominee Alfre Woodard ‘is a priceless gem’

Read the article: Adam Beach discusses Netflix role in ‘Juanita’ says Alfre Woodard ‘is a priceless gem’

On March 8, 2019, Netflix released ‘Juanita’ starring Acadamy-Award nominated actress Alfre Woodard and co-starring Adam Beach. The film was directed by Clark Johnson and was adapted from a screenplay by Roderick M. Spencer, which was based on the novel Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, by author Sheila Williams. The movie explores the life of a frustrated woman, Juanita, who is taken advantage of by her children and who often dives into a personal fantasy world involving the handsome Blair Underwood, who plays himself often sitting in his underwear, romanticizing Juanita. She eventually meets a chef, who is a veteran suffering from PTSD named Jess, played by Adam Beach. The story also explores the healing nature of a traditional powwow. Adam Beach says he learned a lot from Woodard, calling her a priceless gem. The movie Juanita is now on Netflix.

Read the article: Kinsale Hueston, Navajo, one of TIME Magazine’s 'People Changing How We See the World' 

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The 19-year-old Navajo poet has already been rubbing elbows with the likes of Bethany Yellowtail and movie director Ava DuVernay before becoming featured as one of the TIME Magazines’ 'People Changing How We See the World' In an interview with Kinsale, the article which posted on International women's day, describes how she got the well-deserved recognition and where her aspirations will take her into the future.

Read the article: Deb Haaland becomes the first Native American woman to sit in Speaker’s chair and preside over the House Floor  

On March 7, Representative Deb Haaland (D-NM-01) became the first Native American woman to sit in the Speaker’s chair during a debate on H.R. 1, the For the People Act. The For the People Act is House Democrats’ transformative bill aimed at ending corruption in politics and ensuring fair access to the ballot box. “When a young woman of color sees me in the Speaker’s Chair, I want them to think ‘I can do that,’ that’s part of why I’m here,” said Representative Deb Haaland. “I want to help those who have not been represented before to identify with me and identify with Congress. It's their Congress too – it belongs to all of us.” After Haaland took the rostrum, Congresswoman Sharice Davids, fellow Native American woman in Congress, posted the following powerful image on Twitter: Watching my friend Rep Deb Haaland become the first Native American woman to sit in the speaker's chair and preside over the house floor. #RepresentationMatters

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