Indian Country Today video news report for Jan 6, 2019, with Vincent Schilling

Vincent Schilling

Crow elders viral video, Native women in Congress, Warren's presidential bid for 2020, Native New Year humor and more.

Stories included in this video news report

Video of Crow elders presenting War Bonnet to soldier with honor song goes viral

Live blog: The new Congress takes office, new chapter for Indian Country

Elizabeth Warren announces her intention to run for President in 2020

#NativeHumor: 10 Native New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Probably Never See

#NativeNerd: Ten qualities of a true friend - A nerd definitely fits the bill

Video Transcription

Greetings and She:kon everyone, this is Vincent Schilling and I am the associate editor of Indian Country Today and your host for the ICT Weekly Video News Update. With this weekly update, Indian Country Today will bring you some of our top stories to hit the site.

Our top story last week was a video of Crow elders presenting War Bonnet to a soldier with an honor song. The video of the soldier Keenan Tooktheshield went viral when nationally known rodeo announcer Bob Tallman posted the video. The video has received well over 1.7 million views. Tallman tweeted along with the video: "I’ve seen a lot in my travels over the last 40 years but this stopped me in my tracks. Thank you to this young man for serving our country and thank you to the elders that welcomed him home with such honor. God bless our military and God bless America! #militaryfamilies."

This past week was an exciting week for Native women in Congress as Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland were sworn in - check out some of the Indian Country Today's great coverage during the day by Mark Trahant and Jourdan Bennett-Begaye. Also check out Mark Trahants’ article, “A tribute to those who always imagined Native women in the Congress.”

In case you missed it early last week, Elizabeth Warren has announced her intention to run for President in 2020, with a Presidential exploratory committee. Warren posted a video on her website talking about her intentions which stress the importance of Joining the Fight and embracing diversity. But many in Indian Country, as well as other media outlets to include the New York Times, are asserting that Warren is still plagued by her decision to get a DNA test last October in response to President Trump’s bullying tactics that she wasn’t Native American. The New York Times has previously reported that staff in Warren’s office called her decision to get the DNA test a ‘strategic failure.”

When the Cherokee Nation had responded to Warren’s decision to get a DNA test as a useless method to determine tribal citizenship, President himself even tweeted to the Cherokee Nation, stating “Thank you to the Cherokee Nation for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!” We will see how this continues to transpire.

On the lighter side of our stories, one of our popular articles this week in celebration of a new year was “#NativeHumor: 10 Native New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Probably Never See.” So if you would like to see a light-hearted take on resolutions Native people might not be to do - check out the article on our site by following the links below.

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Also check out my #NativeNerd column posted every Friday, this week, check out my article Ten qualities of a true friend - A nerd definitely fits the bill.

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