Indian Country Today video news report for Feb 11, 2019, with Vincent Schilling

Vincent Schilling

Suzan Harjo remembers Rep. Joh Dingell; Trumps border wall threatens tribal sacred sites and burial grounds and more

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Join Indian Country Today’s coverage of the State of Indian Nations on Feb. 11

Suzan Harjo recalls the legacy of the longest-running Congressman, John Dingell

Wayne Mackanear Brown, Principal Chief of the Meherrin Nation, dies at age 70

PBS Frontline, Wall Street Journal to broadcast 'Predator on the Reservation

[Trump’s border wall construction threatens sacred lands of Carrizo/Camecrudo]( Video Transcription and story links)

Achieving dreams, top Native attorney Elizabeth Saagulik Hensley, makes partner

#NativeNerd Review: An awesome fun user-friendly phone - Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Greetings and She:kon everyone, this is Vincent Schilling and I am the associate editor of Indian Country Today and your host for this week’s Video News Update. With this video update, Indian Country Today will bring you some of our top stories to hit the site.

State of Indian Nations

Monday February 11th I will be in Washington DC’s Newseum where National Congress of American Indian President Jefferson Keel will be delivering the State of Indian Nation’s address. In addition, Congresswoman Deb Haaland will be delivering remarks as well, it is a great day in Indian Country representation.

Suzan Harjo recalls the legacy of the longest-running Congressman, John Dingell who passed away on February 7

Representative John Dingell, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom alongside fellow recipient Suzan Harjo, was a long supporter of Native rights. According to Suzan Harjo, Both Dingell Jr . and his father supported Native Peoples’ treaty fishing and hunting rights when it counted, when anti-Indian/anti-treaty hate groups organized in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes states, and predatory banks and developers salivated over Indian land and natural resources. Read Suzan Harjo’s story about his legacy by clicking on the article link below.

Wayne Mackanear Brown, Principal Chief of the Meherrin Nation, has died at age 70

Chief Brown, was the first Native American to serve a high-ranking role in Virginia government and served with distinction until retiring in July 2007 died last week surrounded by family. Chief Brown instituted many beneficial programs for the Meherrin Nation and facilitated the return of traditional Iroquois cultural practices to the community. Members say he will be greatly missed.

Trump’s border wall construction threatens sacred lands, burial sites of Carrizo/Comecrudo

In the town of Mission, Texas, bulldozers and construction workers are preparing to tear up potentially sacred sights in the quest to build portions of Trump’s border wall. Local Native people have rushed to protect the area, fearing construction will destroy artifacts, graves and sacred peyote fields. The wall is also on target to disrupt 70 acres of a butterfly reserve, a 100-year-old chapel. There are a reported 28 historical and environmental lwas that were waived for construction to begin. More details below.

PBS Frontline, Wall Street Journal to broadcast 'Predator on the Reservation'

In mid-January of 2019, Dr. Stanley Patrick Weber, an Indian Health Service doctor, was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison due to several accounts of sexually abusing Native boys on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The television program, Predator on the Reservation, will air Tuesday, February 12, at 10/9c and is an end result of what the producers cite as a “decades-long failure to stop Weber, a government pediatrician, who moved from reservation to reservation despite warnings about his behavior.”

Congratulations Elizabeth Saagulik Hensley

Congratulations to top Native attorney Elizabeth Saagulik Hensley, who had made the distinction of partner in the top law firm of Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP, a regional firm based in the Northwest and Alaska. A lot of hard work and a lot of dedication earned her this distinction, check out the full story below. You make Indian Country proud Elizabeth. Great work.

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