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Flood disaster declaration in South Dakota, a safe online space for Native women with 'Rematriation Magazine' Cornplanter’s Pipe comes home and more

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Greetings and She:kon everyone, this is Vincent Schilling and I am the associate editor of Indian Country Today and your host for this week’s Video News Update. With this video update, Indian Country Today will bring you some of our top stories to hit the site.

Oglala Sioux Chairman Bear Runner joins South Dakota legislators in calling for a federal disaster declaration in South Dakota

Read the article: Oglala Sioux Chairman Bear Runner joins South Dakota legislators in calling for federal disaster declaration in South Dakota

With South Dakota still in crisis following destructive flooding nearly three weeks ago, Oglala Sioux (OST) Tribal Chairman Julian Bear Runner said today that the people living on the Pine Ridge Reservation have gone without federal aid for too long.

Bear Runner is joining his state’s legislature in calling for a federal disaster declaration for South Dakota, which would trigger quicker action by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to address the suffering and devastation caused by winter storm Ulmer and the subsequent flooding at Pine Ridge and other parts of South Dakota.

“The Oglala Nation needs support in the aftermath of this devastating storm,” Bear Runner said. “Many of us continue to be stranded in, or out of, our homes without access to potable water. This is unacceptable. Rather than declaring emergencies that don’t exist, President Trump needs to pay attention to the ones that do. I call upon him to send us help before lives are further disrupted.”

A safe, online space for Indigenous women's voices: Introducing 'Rematriation Magazine'

Read the story: A safe, online space for Indigenous women's voices: Introducing 'Rematriation Magazine'

Michelle Schenandoah is the CEO and founder of Rematriation Magazine, an online space for Indigenous women to reclaim their voice, tell their stories, address important issues, and engage in substantive, intimate conversations for the purposes of healing.

According to Schenandoah. Rematriation is about “returning the sacred to the mother.”

The essence of Rematriation is to gather Onkwehonwe (Native/Indigenous) women's voices in an effort to break through the long-standing silence about violence, substance abuse, poverty, and sexual assault in Native communities and to provide collective healing.

Deb Haaland's first hundred days in Congress (And Davids and Flanagan)

Read the story: Deb Haaland's first hundred days in Congress

She’s had her first legislation become law, presided over the Congress, pushed for funding to stop the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and is now the chair or co-chair of several national committees. Now is coming on one hundred days.

Haaland and Rep. Sharice Davids, D-Kansas, are the first Native women ever elected to the House. Haaland is Laguna Pueblo and Davids is Ho-Chunk. And of course, let’s not forget Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan - stay tuned for our continuing coverage in Indian Country Today.

Three-century whodunnit: Gifted, burned, stolen, auctioned and eventually mailed. Cornplanter’s Pipe comes home

Read the story: Three-century whodunnit: Gifted, burned, stolen and mailed. Cornplanter’s Pipe comes home

Chief Cornplanter’s Pipe was a gift from President George Washington in 1792, symbolizing peace and friendship between the venerated Seneca Nation and the newly born United States. The New York State Museum in Albany has loaned it, from March 14 to July 22, 2019, to the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum 50 miles south of Buffalo New York. For an incredibly in-depth history on what this pipe has gone through its history, read the extensive story by Suzan Harjo.

In further news, Indian Country Today is set to open newsroom at Arizona State with a goal is to create a national TV news program. The newsroom would be in Phoenix at the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. Stay tuned for a video message coming soon from Indian Country Today editor Mark Trahant.

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