Indian Country Today E-Weekly Newsletter: Top Stories of 2018

Vincent Schilling

Welcome to our e-weekly newsletter issue celebrating the best of 2018

We've come a long way in 2018 thanks to the insights of our esteemed editor Mark Trahant who saw fit to create a new website, and embark on a venture to live broadcast election night with #NativeVote18.

We literally started with a skeleton crew with Mark Trahant and myself, then Indian Country Today hired our first staff reporter Jourdan Bennett-Begaye.

We now have contributor Lisa J. Ellwood posting to the press pool on a consistent basis, NCAI fellow Kolby KickingWoman assisting with the newsletter and an ever-growing team of freelancers and opinion-editorial contributors from all over Indian Country.

Our first year as the new Indian Country Today was extremely exciting and we have been doing our utmost to share the news in Indian Country, coordinate with tribal news organizations and give the best we can give.

We will be posting the stories in this newsletter as if they were live, to give a feel of being in the moment. 2018 was an exciting year for news.

We hope you enjoy a look back at the top stories this year. And please, join me in tipping my hat to editor Mark Trahant as we look forward to a great 2019!

Vincent Schilling

Associate Editor, Indian Country Today

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