We have our work cut out for us. By we, I mean those of us who work for Indian Country Today, but also all of us as part of a larger society. We have a couple of hundred years worth of misinformation, misunderstanding and misconceptions about Native Americans to clear up.

Fortunately at ICT we care passionately about our mission. You’ve heard from those of us who dreamt from childhood of being able to tell the larger world about our love for our people, respect for the wisdom of elders, pride in our traditions and contributions to this nation, and our hopes for future generations. With ICT, we can do that.

I can’t tell you how many times during an interview, a Native person said, with humility and gratitude, “We’re still here.”

It’s a point of pride because it wasn’t a given. We were decimated by disease, then had to fight to hold on to our language and traditions, and to pass them on to our children. The United States waged war on its Indigenous people, sending its military to kill and displace us.

We’re so proud of our ancestors for surviving. We’re proud of our leaders and fellow Native people all across the country who are dedicated to making a better world for their people.


At ICT, you hear from tribal leaders and citizens of tribes you’ve never heard of before; you learn about the unique histories and issues of Native people. You learn about people and stories that aren’t covered by the mainstream media.

We’ve had stories about the tattoo artist reviving ancient Hawaiian designs, the Lakota tribe that refuses to accept hundreds of millions of dollars for the land that is rightfully theirs, and the Navajo NASA engineer whose work was part of multiple missions to Mars. Obituaries for beloved community leaders little known outside their tribe. Tribal leaders fighting for their people, TikTok stars, new movies and books featuring Indigenous people, as well as differing perspectives on thorny problems.

Intelligent, informative, humorous, vital — reporting that provides context behind the headlines — you find that breadth and depth of reporting at ICT.

You know the old adage to do what you love and call it work. Well, that’s what ICT is all about. We all feel lucky that we can do what we love. And you make it possible. By reading and watching our content, and by contributing money.

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ICT had a staff of four not even three years ago. Now it has more than two dozen employees. Those numbers reflect the size of our growing audience. Those numbers reflect the hunger people have had to learn more about Indian Country.

Even a small contribution helps. You get your money’s worth with ICT. We stretch every dollar. You can be proud of your contribution. You’re part of ICT as a reader and viewer. A donation strengthens those ties, makes you even more part of us. And we need you. Contribute today.

Joaqlin Estus, Tlingit
National correspondent


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