I’m Calling the Frybread Police! Cook’n “Navajo Taco” creates waves on Facebook

Vincent Schilling

In addition to over 741 angry emojis, some of the most volatile comments include hostility toward an untrue recipe

A video posted a few months ago by the Facebook account Cook’n has been generating a heated response from people who care about the authenticity of Navajo tacos. One user threatened to call the “Frybread Police.”

The video is an easy-to-make dinner showing a series of ingredients put into a skillet to include ground beef, carrots, salsa, beans, taco and ranch seasonings and more followed up by frozen dough used as the frybread portion of a taco crust.

Though many of the comments have just surfaced, many were also put into the comments section during the time of the original post. The video now has 11K shares and 543K views.

In addition to over 741 angry emojis, some of the most volatile comments include hostility toward an untrue recipe, appropriation of Native culture and more. Some of the comments are as follows:

Bit'ahnnii Charlie Gross, taco & ranch seasoning? Black and white beans?!

🤢Carrots and corn? Yuk! Tomatoes and tomatoe paste?!
🤮 then flat greasy dough bread? Disgusting.

Erin Devereaux: Take this down. This is offensive. This is NOT a Navajo taco. Texas chili on a rolled out biscuit? You’re disgracing an entire culture …

Peter Larson I’m not sure that Navajo people have traditionally used ranch and taco seasonings. This recipe is cultural appropriation at its worst.

Devi Du'Ville I’m calling my mom and the police.

Jamy Malone My full-blooded Navajo mother just watched this horrid video and before she even got halfway through she said, “Is a white woman making this??”

😂 She knew a Navajo would never make something like this and still try to call it “Navajo.”

Sam L. Chee Disgusting. If I was a glááníí and someone offered this to me I would throw it in the river...no, I wouldn’t even throw it in the river why torture the fish too? I would take it straight to the landfill so no person or animal finds it.

Jim Meyers Hahahhahahaba that sure is not a Navajo Taco, I know because my wife is a Navajo and she makes mine all the time.

Val Tom This is not what I Navajo Taco is at all. I work and live on the Navajo Nation and this is NOT A NAVAJO TACO! The dough is pretty easy to make yourself and this stuff you recommend isn't correct. Very weak replica. SMH!

Sony Kornelly Bahahaha this isn't a Navajo Taco. Even my daughter's who are only 1/4 Navajo know how to make Navajo Tacos. This is a cheap pathetic attempt of a version. Anyone who has had a real Navajo Taco will be great disappointed by this recipe.

Representatives from Cook’n have not responded to Indian Country Today’s request for comment.

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What's the fuss? They've been bastardizing tacos & burritos since they started crossing the Mississippi & they probably will keep on doing it because there is no copyright law on recipes. They steal everything & have made billions of dollars on copying & selling Mexican foods. But really, they should have respect for the use of the word Navajo because now, it seems they are looking for a new gimmick! Just as they exploited Mexican food for gain - looks like they are looking for a new way to sell the world food for dollars.


I was given the chance to learn to make Navajo Tacos from a wonderful Navajo lady at a pow wow. And I still make them the same way.