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The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged social distancing, forcing many at home all day and night with only their smartphones to keep them company. Indian Country is no exception and there are plenty of coronavirus-related memes with a Native touch on social media to prove that point.

Our ancestors have battled viruses before, but this time Indian Country is instantly connected thanks to technology. Even in uncertain times, Native people find a way to entertain one another.

Indian Country Today wants to take your creativeness a step further. Share a 30-second (or 45 second) video clip on how you’re coping. Remember, record the video in a safe environment. Indian Country Today will select some of the video submissions for future publication.

Need help getting started? Answer the following questions and hit record: What are you doing with your free time? What message do you want to share with others? How is the pandemic affecting you?

Other fun social distancing videos show a fitness instructor training clients from a rooftop and another video shows two kids playing their instruments from their patio for their elderly neighbor.



What to record: Yourself, family, pets, etc.

Explain: Show Indian Country what you are doing in the age of social distancing

Upload: Email the raw video to If Vimeo, make sure that the download option is available for us.

Email to submit: with “Social Distancing Video” in the subject line. Email to If Vimeo, email the download link.

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