Walking Eagle

Hi everyone! Thank you for allowing me to post here. To look at me all you would see is an old, fat white boy. I have a very small heritage of Narragansett, however I would consider myself to be an almost an unforgivable poser to claim NDN status. I have been posting on several Facebook "Patriotic" pages regarding the ongoing controversy surrounding the rightful Sioux claim to the Black Hills. If this will handle it I will share what I have posted. I very much welcome any input; up to and including, "Shut up white man." Regards, David Hardy ctazmo@yahoo.com (417) 300-3732

This is on the Facebook page Take Back America. Check out the comments if you look it up. The whites still hate the reds; even though they profess to believe in the wickedness of governmental oppression.

The Sioux are in the right regarding Mount Rushmore; they are being horribly wronged as we speak.


Opinion of the Court 448 U. S

The court affirmed the Commission's holding that a want of fair and honorable dealings in this case was evidenced, and held that the Sioux thus would be entitled to an award of at least $17.5 million for the lands surrendered and for the gold taken by trespassing prospectors prior to passage of the 1877 Act. See n. 16, supra. The court also remarked upon President Grant's duplicity in breaching the Government's treaty obligation to keep trespassers out of the Black Hills, and the pattern of duress practiced by the Government on the starving Sioux to get them to agree to the sale of the Black Hills. The court concluded. "A more ripe and rank case of dishonorable dealings will never, in all probability, be found in our history, which is not, taken as a whole, the disgrace it now pleases some persons to believe."

"What the American Indians know, particularly those from the great Sioux nations, is that the tribes were originally given the Black Hills, which Mount Rushmore is a part of, in perpetuity in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. Soon thereafter, gold was discovered in the Black Hills and greed set in. The U.S. Calvary moved in by the mid-1870s to protect white miners. The U.S. government took the stance that American Indians had the choice to “sell or starve.” By 1877, the Sioux nations’ land was confiscated by the federal government and the Sioux were forced onto reservations.
The Sioux nations have maintained they are the rightful owners of the Black Hills. They took the federal government to court and in 1980 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed the land was taken from them wrongfully. As a result, a trust account was set up with $102 million for compensation.
The Sioux said they did not want the money, they want the Black Hills back. The fund is reportedly now worth more than $1 billion."