Google celebrates Cherokee woodcarver Amanda Crowe on landing page

Celebrating Amanda Crowe
Celebrating Amanda Crowe

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, today’s video Doodle celebrates Eastern Band Cherokee Indian woodcarver and educator Amanda Crowe, a prolific art...

Vincent Schilling

Today’s Google Doodle honors the Eastern Band Cherokee artist known for her beautifully carved wood sculptures

Today, during Native American Heritage Month, Google has given up some prime landing page real estate to honor the life of Eastern Band Cherokee Indian woodcarver and educator, Amanda Crowe.

Today’s Google Doodle features an animated version of Amanda Crowe that transitions into a YouTube video on the landing page. The video shows a series of images of the work by Crowe and is narrated by her nephew, William “Bill” H. Crowe Jr.

Crowe was born in 1928 and was raised within the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina. She began carving at age 4. Her uncle took her under his wing and her aspirations landed her a scholarship to study at the Art Institute of Chicago after high school. She earned a Master in Fine Arts and moved to Mexico to study with Spanish sculptor José de Creeft.

She eventually returned to teach at Cherokee High School in North Carolina. Crowe’s work has appeared in museums and been part of private collections all over the world.

Amanda Crowe said about carving wood, her favorite medium. “The grain challenges me to create objects in three dimensions. A mistake or flaw in the wood will improve your design. To me, a knot can be the best part.”

Crowe died in 2004.

Learn more about how the Google American Indian Network is celebrating Native American Heritage Month here.

Amanda Crowe Doodle Team

Art Lead | Lydia Nichols

Animation Support | Helene Leroux

Producer | Colin Duffy

Marketing, Partnerships, & Licensing | Perla Campos, Madeline Belliveau, Carlos Diaz

Music | William “Bill” H. Crowe, Jr.

Consultants | Google American Indian Network

Doodle Team Lead | Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas

Music Support | Silas Hite

Special thanks to our partners

Qualla Arts & Crafts Mutual

William “Bill” H. Crowe, Jr.

Information obtained by a Google Doodle news release

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I was very happy to make the acquaintance of Amanda Crowe through Google's little video. Crowe's images of animals are both warm-hearted and elegant, and her sensitivity to the wood she worked with is remarkable.