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Actor Chris Pratt shares ‘Alaskan Nets’

Chris Pratt, known for his role in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the Marvel Universe, is a big fan of fishing and basketball.

Pratt recently shared with his millions of Instagram followers the news of a documentary he produced called “Alaskan Nets.” The documentary is set to premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in April, and highlights a Tsimshian basketball team in Southeast Alaska.

"Some people might not know this, but I spent a good chunk of my childhood living in Alaska. My dad worked in the gold mines in Kenai," he said in his social media post. “Our babysitter Rose was Native Alaskan and her three sons were my best friends."


Grass fires burns on Blackfeet Reservation

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — Two grass fires pushed by strong winds burned 39 square miles of land on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, two unoccupied trailer homes and three telephone poles, Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services said.

One fire started Sunday west of the community of Blackfoot. About 600 residents were asked to evacuate as a precaution. A second fire started near Starr School.

No occupied homes were burned, there were no injuries and no cattle were lost, said Lyle St. Goddard, superintendent of the Chief Mountain Hot Shots.

The cause of the fires are being investigated.

Lawmaker proposes adding guns to state flag

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A proposal to change the Montana state flag to prominently feature firearms failed to pass a vote after a Republican lawmaker said such a change would honor Montana’s history.

The state flag features the state seal -- which includes mountains, plains, forests, a river, a plow, a pick and a shovel -- against a blue background with the name of the state in yellow lettering.

The new flag could feature several firearms, Republican Rep. Caleb Hinkle said, including semi-automatic rifles. The idea elicited a fiery response from Democratic Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, a Chippewa Cree tribe citizen.

“When you’re talking about firearms and the history of Native Americans here, we’re always at the end of the firearms,” he said, urging lawmakers to vote against the measure.

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ICT's whiteboard is blank


ICT’s journey began a new path Friday. We have our whiteboard ready, it's blank and we are ready to scribble new ideas. ICT is no longer owned by an individual, a tribe, or the National Congress of American Indians. (All a part of our history.) Our enterprise is now operated by journalists and our cause is simple, report the news and make sure Indigenous voices are heard in the public square.

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The Weekly: Special Deb Haaland Edition

Indian Country Today published a special newsletter edition of Deb Haaland's rise to Interior secretary. Click here to read it.

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