Didn't take long: Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez calls Sharice Davids 'an inspiration'

Mark Trahant

#NativeVote 18 Cook Political Report moves Kansas district from 'lean Republican' to 'toss up'

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday there was concern about why Bernie Sanders, and especially, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez picked Brent Welder over Sharice Davids.

Sanders had a good reason. Welder had been an organizer, his organizer in Iowa, and had a track record with Sanders. But Davids and Ocasio-Cortez have much more in common, a story. This is the year where women are exciting the electorate and women of color are winning races.

But there was a story told (bought hook line and sinker by many Sanders supporters) that Davids was not progressive enough. (As Indian Country Today tweeted this morning: "We have to ask: In what universe is a Native American woman an establishment candidate? Disenfranchisement has a long history because a Native woman never been allowed to represent the people in Congress." And even after the vote you see on social media great "concern" about Davids and the election ahead (and the crankier ones are discovering election fraud under every rock.)

But this tweet is just classy. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortexz wrote a note of congratulations. "Your win is an incredible inspiration to so many, myself included."

There is an old idea in politics: If it's a close call, and you are going to make people mad on both sides, then pick the losing side. Winners forgive. Case closed.

In other news since this morning's election (seems like a long time ago already) the Cook Political Report has reclassified the Kansas third congressional district. The district had been coded as "leans Republican." It's now rated as a toss-up.

Cook said polling is showing that Rep. Kevin Yoder, the Republican incumbent, has been struggling all year.

"The barrier-breaking aspects of Davids's candidacy will energize elements of the Democratic base, but her upbringing and politics (she expressed skepticism towards single-payer) could allow independent voters to see her as an acceptable vehicle to send a message to President Trump. Welder, on the other hand, became a darling of out-of-state Sanders activists and had just moved to Kansas from St. Louis last year," David Wasserman wrote for Cook. "Republicans will no doubt seize on the time Davids has spent outside the state, including attending law school at Cornell University and her activism on Indian Reservations across the country (she's a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation in Wisconsin), as evidence she's an elitist with her own agenda. But Democrats will be able to attack Yoder's voting record on healthcare and taxes, and try to tie him to potential GOP gubernatorial nominee Kris Kobach."

Mark Trahant is editor of Indian Country Today. He is a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Follow him on Twitter -@TrahantReports


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This article is right on target!


Great to hear and witness the corporate mass media are calling the first "native american woman" and it is not Elizabeth Warren! So much for Lizzy Warren and her fraudulent past, honor as the first "person of color", i.e. Harvard University.