Roughly a year after the killing of George Floyd, the man charged in connection was convicted.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted of murder and manslaughter. The jury reached its unanimous verdict Tuesday after deliberating about 10 hours.

Floyd’s death last May sparked worldwide protests, including many in Indian Country coming out to honor Floyd and against police brutality.

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, White Earth Nation, said the verdict “is a step toward the vision of justice that sent thousands of people into the streets, demanding change,” and “the legacy of this moment and this movement does not end today.”

“In his last moments, George cried out to his mother,” Flanagan said in a statement. “His life and his humanity mattered. Our work is not done until every mother’s child is safe, valued, and protected. We must be bold in our thinking, steadfast in our commitment to one another, and courageous enough to reimagine what true public safety means. And we must never forget George Floyd’s daughter, who will grow up without a father.”

The nights that followed Floyd's death sent Minneapolis into near chaos. People protested, fires were started and parts of the city were shut down. Migizi Communications, a fixture in the Native community, was destroyed by fire. The American Indian Movement stepped up and protected the Native community from potential violence. Minneapolis is the home of AIM.

Migizi recovered and the nonprofit received thousands of dollars in donations to rebuild. Indigenous people marched from Alaska to D.C. in solidarity of Black Lives Matter.

Before Tuesday’s verdict, Floyd’s girlfriend spoke to CNN.

“I know he was connected to Bde Maka Ska,” Courteney Batya Ross told CNN. Bde Maka Ska was traditionally a place where Dakota people fished and harvested wild rice.

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Here are more reactions to Chauvin’s guilty verdict:

Twyla Baker


Sending love to my MSP people.

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Black Lives Matter

Rose Bear Don't Walk

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Rory Wheeler

Justice has been served.

Yazzie The Chef #SomethingElse


Desi Small-Rodriguez, citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and Chicana

“Thinking about this verdict and this is where I'm at: these settler colonial, white supremacist courts will never bring justice. Just ask any Native. We been fighting these courts since 1492.”

Lakota Law project:

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Suzan Harjo:

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