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A North American wide casting call is currently underway for Indigenous youth.

PoPing Casting, that worked on Disney’s "Mulan" and Warner Brother’s blockbuster hit "The Meg" – is currently searching North America for a 16 year old Indigenous male and a 14 year old Indigenous female to star in a series that will be streamed on a U.S. streaming service.

Kelsey Wavey, a casting assistant with PoPing Casting on the project, is excited for the up and coming actors who will try out.

“Yeah this is the first time the network is doing an open call of this scale so we are interested in hearing from you if you know anybody who is around the age of 14 or 16 or if you look around that age if you can play your age email in your resume and a headshot and it can be a selfie it can be just something on your phone we just want to see a clear picture of what you look like no filters and then we also need an introduction video,” says Wavey.

The project is still in early development and a name hasn’t been released yet – but it will be shooting across North America in late 2021 – 2022.

Wavey adds that you don’t need previous experience to submit and the introduction video should be around one minute long.

“Just introduce yourself say your name and just give a little information about the sports you like to play. It can be anything athletic. They are asking specifically for martial arts but also I would just throw in there if you have any canoeing experience or go fishing, if you run or hike anything just put it in there because we just want to get to know you a little bit better.”

As for the resume, you just need your full name, contact information, email and name, phone number and email address of your parents. Along with what role you are interested in and what city and province you live in.

Send materials to opencall@popincasting.com by Thursday, May 27.

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