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The 123rd Boston Marathon will see a group of Native runners this year.

Harold Bennally, Navajo, will wear his moccasins and grandma scarf for the 26.2 miles.  

He said, "will be raining so I added duct tape to the bottoms to 'prevent' me slipping so i don’t injure myself. See how long that lasts."

From what social media said a Hopi brother and sister pack Caroline Sekaquaptewa and Wayne Perry (registered as Wayne Sekaquaptewa) were supposed to run in their moccasins. However as Bennally pointed out, the rain makes it difficult to run in moccasins.

The first wave started at 10:02 a.m., the second wave hit the pavement at 10:25 a.m., the third wave started at 10:50 a.m. and fourth wave is at 11:15 a.m.

Jordan Marie Daniel took off in the second wave. She and Dustin Martin, executive director of Wings of America and who is running in the marathon, brought five Native students to “Marathon Weekend” as part of the Boston Marathon Pursuit Program under the Wings program. These five students competed in the city’s 5k run and toured Harvard University during their trip. 

The program partnered with the Boston Athletic Association and Harvard University for the third consecutive year to celebrate Native runners and to show Native youth the opportunities available to them. 

Since the marathon began, five Native people have won medals, according to the magazine of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Indian.

Native people running in the 2019 Boston Marathon:

  • Caroline Sekaquaptewa, Hopi (who ran in 2016) finished in 3:13:35
  • Wayne Perry, Hopi, (listed as Wayne Sekaquaptewa on the BAA website) finished in 3:03:52
  • Dustin Martin, Navajo, from Gallup, New Mexico (who ran in 2016) finished in 2:26:50
  • Jordan Marie Daniel, Lakota, finished in 3:02:11 (beating her personal record by 33 minutes from 2016)
  • Esther Arviso, Navajo, finished in 4:00:26
  • Trent Taylor (who ran in 2016) finished in 2:54:30
  • Dale Moomaw finished in 3:46:50
  • Lisa Loughran finished in 3:52:58
  • Beth Wright finished in 3:33:47
  • Denise Phillips, Laguna Pueblo, finished in 4:25:54
  • Harold Bennally (ran in 2016, too) from Lechee, Arizona, finished in 4:17:00
  • Jeri Hogue (registered as Jussica Hogue) finished in 4:30:13
  • Vern Jacques finished in 3:48:41
  • Gary Riggs finished in 4:02:56
  • Justin Casiquito, Jemez Pueblo, finished in 3:11:24
  • Charleen Lundberg, Cowlitz, finished in 4:07:13
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