Bacone College offering four full-ride scholarships available now

Vincent Schilling

In addition to the offered scholarships, every Native American student receives an automatic $10,000 scholarship

Known as one of the nation’s oldest American Indian college of higher learning, and one of the oldest higher education institution in Oklahoma, Bacone College is now offering four full-ride scholarships for the Spring 2019 semester beginning January 9th.

The four scholarships will be two scholarships in the colleges’ American Indian Art program and two scholarships in the American Indian Christian Ministry program.

As listed in a news release, "the scholarships cover the cost of all tuition, fees and room & board and every Indian student receives an automatic $10,000 scholarship to attend.

Bacone College broke down the potential costs for Native students as follows:

How affordable is Bacone College for American Indian students?

Total Cost of Attendance (one year):

Tuition: $15,000

Fees: $2,700

Athletic Fee: $100

Room/Board: $7,200

Books (average): $600

TOTAL: $25,600

Total Funding for American Indian students who are full PELL and OK Promise eligible:

American Indian Scholarship: $10,000

PELL grant: $6,095 *based on family income

FSEOG grant: $500 *based on family income

OTAG: $1,300 *based on family income

OTEG: $2,000 *based on family income

OK Promise: $5,000 *based on applying between 8th-10th grade (approximate amount of OK Promise)

Tribal Higher Education average: $2,000

TOTAL: $26,895

COST TO STUDENT: -$1,295 (student will receive cash refund from financial aid)

*Please note that this is not an official estimate and is based on being full PELL eligible.

Until we receive your application, high school transcript and FAFSA, we cannot provide an official estimate of cost.

*EACH SEMESTER, we will also be working with students on writing for outside tribal scholarships in various workshops. We will also be working with every family to find every possible source of funding for their students.

What degree programs are offered?

Accounting — Bachelor of Arts

Art — Associate of Arts

Fine Art — Associate of Arts

American Indian Studies — Bachelor of Arts/Associate of Arts

Business Administration — Bachelor/Associate

Business Management — Bachelor/Associate

Criminal Justice — Bachelor of Science/Associate of Science

Christian Ministry — Bachelor/Associate

Family Counseling

American Indian Ministry

Elementary Education — Bachelor

Exercise Science — Bachelor

Family Studies (Social Work/Education) — Bachelor

Finance — Bachelor

Liberal Arts — Bachelor

Concentration Areas: Communications, English, History, Interdisciplinary Studies

Radiography — Bachelor

Sport Management — Bachelor

What Athletic programs are available at Bacone?

AFFILIATION: NAIA D-1 (Sooner Athletic Conference)


Basketball (Women’s)

Basketball (Men’s)

Cross Country

Soccer (Women’s)

Soccer (Men’s)



Volleyball (Women’s)

From the Bacone News Release / Information about admission, website information:

Why Bacone?

Bacone College is the nation’s oldest American Indian institution of higher learning and the oldest higher education institution in Oklahoma. Furthermore, Bacone is the most affordable university option for American Indian students in the State of Oklahoma. No institution of higher education has a longer standing connection to the education of American Indian people, then Bacone College!

In the summer of 2018, the university (under the leadership of new President Dr. Ferlin Clark; Navajo,) began the process of fully returning to the mission of genuine Indian education to prepare and empower the Indigenous populations of all tribal communities/nations throughout the United States.

Bacone has streamlined academic, athletic and club programs and ensured that all areas of the college are meeting the needs of Indian students, their tribes and families. Now is an incredible and important time to be a part of a renewed Bacone College!

We encourage you to go to and apply to the university!

For more information, you may also contact the Bacone College Admissions & Athletic Recruitment Team at 918-360-5531 via text or call.