Astronaut John Herrington and Discovery Channel's Ariel Tweto wish us a great #ICTOneYear

Vincent Schilling

Join the new Indian Country Today in celebrating our first #ICTOneYear anniversary celebration

As Indian Country Today editor Mark Trahant recently sent out to you, our amazing readers and supporters in Indian Country: "Can you believe it? Indian Country Today has been back for a year now. We think we have done a lot of good work over the past twelve months."

As part of our official first year back, which was June 1st, we have received a special message from former NASA astronaut Dr. John Herrington, Chickasaw, and Ariel Tweto, Inupiaq, from the Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska.

Indian Country Today is excited to have been around in its newest incarnation to celebrate its first anniversary! If you would like, please share your own message with us using the hashtag #ICTOneYear!

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