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State party chair can be a thankless job. Raising money. Herding reluctant voters and politicians. And paying attention to the mechanics of politics.

Yet it’s a post that can make a difference. The right operator can help organize a successful election strategy that benefits many candidates in a state. 

Three years ago Debra Haaland, Laguna Pueblo, was elected as the chair of New Mexico Democrats. Today she’s a U.S. Representative. In North Dakota, Ruth Buffalo, Mandan Hidatsa Arikara, set out on a similar path. She didn’t win the post, but was later appointed a party vice chair and is now a member of the state legislature.

Now Allison Renville, Sisseton, is pursuing the job of Democratic Party Chair in South Dakota. “I consider myself an activist and grassroots organizer. I love my people, the land and the future I believe we all want to collectively protect as human beings,” she said. “This country has become vulnerable, and it’s going to take so much more than what we’ve been doing or we’ll continue to be subjected to legislative representation that does not reflect South Dakota values as we are now on state and federal levels. All Dakotans deserve a socially aware government and leadership with everyone's best interest at hand.”

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Renville said she is running for the office to bring a grassroots perspective back into the discussion. “I will work tirelessly for the party and it’s people as I have for nearly two decades and will not be influenced by big corporations that don’t serve the interests of the community. “

She has been the lead organizer of Dakotas for America and has been a candidate for the state Senate.

The selection will be made this weekend.