A list of all of my #NativeNerd column articles in 2018

Vincent Schilling

Have a great 2019! From the Indian Country Today Native Nerd, Vincent Schilling

I hope you have had a great year and a Happy Holiday season. In case you missed any of my weekly Native Nerd columns this year, I have compiled them all here for your easy reference.

Some of them are connected to the date involved such as specific movie reviews, but many others are also pertinent with such things as tutorials about Twitter, describing what “the cloud” is and more.

I hope you find something interesting, and as always, I am open to any suggestions you might have such as movie reviews (they don’t have to be the latest movies) product reviews and comparisons, smartphone reviews or tutorials on software, photography or even what comics to buy.

Here is a list of all my Native Nerd articles I wrote in 2018:

December 2018

#NativeNerd Movie Review: Jason Momoa is the best Aquaman … EVER

#NativeNerd: Native Hawaiian Jason Momoa's AWESOME Aquaman Premiere HAKA dance

#NativeNerd - #AvengersEndgame! Avengers 4 Trailer released by Marvel Studios

Native Nerd Special Announcement - New Captain Marvel Movie Trailer Released

#NativeNerd Movie Checklist: 27 titles and available trailers for 2019

November 2018

Easy Holiday Gift ideas for the #NativeNerd in your family

A #NativeNerd tribute to Stan Lee: A list of Marvel Native Superheroes

#NativeNerd Column - Seven internet tools I use everyday

#NativeNerd column: Yikes I Got HACKED! What to do if it happens to you

October 2018

#NativeNerd Approved: Free, safe, alternative downloads for expensive software

Native author brings cultural blood suckers to 'Vampire: The Masquerade' game

My lifelong #NativeNerd love for the X-Men - Dark Phoenix Movie Trailer Released

#NativeNerd: The new Venom movie trailer! And an added bit of Venom’s history

What's your Nerd Score? The Official @VinceSchilling #NativeNerd Assessment Quiz

September 2018

#NativeNerd on The Walking Dead: There is a Native Zombie connection

#NativeNerd Horror Movie Review: 'The Nun,' 'Conjuring' and 'Annabelle' Universe

#NativeNerd: Never underestimate a Native Nerd - or anyone for that matter

#NativeNerd column: That virtual sharing online mystery - What is ‘The Cloud?’

#NativeNerd column: What is lightning? Tradition vs. science

August 2018

#NativeNerd Movie Review: Five movies I've seen recently - some minor spoilers

#NativeNerd column: I am a Native Nerd. Are you?

#NativeNerd: How to use Twitter. Intro to newbies and tips for long-time users

Previous to August, I had not yet begun a weekly column. Here are the articles I wrote prior to August 2018:

May 3, 2018

Native Nerd Review: Avengers Infinity War is Marvel Hardcore – Spoilers Included

February 20, 2018

Native Nerd Movie Review: Black Panther Slashes at Colonialism

Have a GREAT YEAR!!!

Please send me your suggestions or comments on what you’d like to see in 2019!

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