Good morning.


Daily meeting at regular time 11:15 Eastern.

Right after: meeting about logistics and Alcatraz.


Hat tip to AP. We did not have to wait for an important story. Now, we need to lead on this child welfare appeal. A lot of folks were happy when the same court seemed to put at rest the idea that the law would be struck down. Now that fear is back. 

Early next week we should have a look from the perspective of attorneys; child welfare advocates; and families. We should start building files on the Goldwater Institute and ask why they are so involved in these cases. (I have always thought we should try to interview Barry Goldwater Jr. It seems to me his father would not have supported this effort.)

Let's talk today about how we will handle this story going forward. 

One miss: We should have followed up this story with social media support across the board. We had it low on the FB feed and one tweet. We should do another round this am. 

Speaking of Instagram, Tomas has been working on the format. Most of our stories have been exactly the same as our cover, Instagram as a promotion device.

But we should think about Instagram as a news delivery vehicle, too. That means we should make every story pop. The question we should always ask, how can we best tell that story? Instead of sticking with the Maven format we can improve that storytelling by creating a look, and an information flow, directly on Instagram. 

Fall campaign.

Launched our new fundraising tool on Maven. Sky is sending the link for people to add to their stories. (We also need to figure out the language, and the time, to go back and that that language to the top archive stories).

Main point: Indian Country Today is free. Our content can be shared, again, for free. But we need readers to help support our independent journalism.

Should journalists even be involved with this effort? In a perfect world, no. We would just do our jobs. But for years I have listed to NPR hosts and reporters make the case for membership, so in that sense it's not all that unique. We also have a special case to make because our audience is so important to us. We really want to serve our readers, Indian Country.


Strong readership numbers this week. Wednesday almost reached 22k and yesterday was just shy of 20k. Not quite the sizzling numbers from July and August, but better than September and October.


Vision Maker Media will be holding its board of directors meeting at Cronkite this weekend. We are co-hosting a reception tonight at the Phoenix Indian School and the meetings will be at the Arizona PBS conference room.