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History day. So much to think about … it’s only the fourth time in history that a president has faced a congressional impeachment inquiry.

Best thing we can do for our readers is to add context to the narrative.

(Ideas to consider: Impeachment is not the only outcome. House Democrats could censure the president (only takes 50 votes in the Senate). Another wild card, if the Senate opts for a secret ballot. Then there is no way to know which GOP member would vote against the president. Along with censure, another option is to to after some of the president’s team. Congress could ban a person from federal employment.)

We should use AP when appropriate (even mixing in AP copy to our own works) in order to give our readers the best possible context.

Along those lines, it’s worth taking a look at AP’s coverage plan. It’s basically a spreadsheet, story summary, and who’s doing what. Starts off with today, then a week out, and then beyond that.

In addition, the Arizona bureau (and I assume all others) posts a planning daybook.,photo,video,graphic,audio&sortBy=arrivaldatetime:desc&dateRange=Anytime&totalCount=563&currentItemNo=1

The AP also sends out a daily alert as an email with coverage planning.


Tonight in Phoenix is the awards for the Phoenix Indian Center. It’s awkward, but we should still do a story, especially on Stephen Roe Lewis.

This is a team award -- and everyone at Indian Country Today is the prize winner. Thank you for all your hard work and it’s great that it’s being recognized in the community.


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