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Editor's Daily Note 11/05/19

Inside look at the daily notes from Mark Trahant, Editor to the Indian Country Today team.


Regular huddle. 11:15 EST; 9:15 MST; 8:15 PST.

(And please vote on a new time … we will talk about this Wednesday).

Other meetings: AP at 10 am MST.

Long-range planning meeting 11:30 MST.

(Marketing meeting TBD)


Trahant: “If anyone in a news company ever, ever says, “I can’t find anyone” when hiring, I'll make them sit and watch."

A year ago … election night broadcast.

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A couple of memories … (And we only have a year to go before our next live Election Night broadcast)

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 3.14.45 PM


When do we break style? This will be more of an issue as we edit AP copy (or Cronkite).

Cronkite, for example, uses the clause, R-Mesa, after a US Rep’s name. It’s a local style shift. We would use R-Arizona. Then we might cite the city or the district, somewhere in the copy.

In general we should shift to our way of doing things …

Except when it’s a quote. In a quote, if it’s written, we should report exactly what was said. So if the source capitalizes President … then leave it be. (In Joaqlin’s story today there was both a % symbol and a rewrite to percentage. The symbol was in a quote.)


A spike in readership yesterday, topping 20k uniques. At first I thought it was Aliyah’s UA president story. Turns out it was the Native Heritage Month story … readership doubled at 2 pm and remained strong after that.

Content drives readership. Always.