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Regular meeting.

(Mark will be out of the office after the meeting all morning for dental work.)


InvestigateWest’s piece on Driving While Indian posted in the 7 am slot. I think it was up 20 minutes and had already reached 100 shares on FB. The timing of this story is perfect for the holidays. This is our second partnership with InvestigateWest.

Reading comments: We should consider our own follow.

Impeachment lessons.

Thanks to everyone who worked on our breaking news yesterday. I loved being at my sister’s graduation … but I hated missing the action.

A few things.

Don’t be afraid of using wires. AP expands our reach. One way we can do that is take the wire story and add the Indigenous content to what’s already been written. It does not have to be an either, or.

A graphic or two would have been nice. Both a treatment of Trump and an explanation.

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Let’s plan social media in advance. Tomas’ IG looks great and would have been amazing had we posted on the cycle.

The Twitter feed was fantastic.

Two business developments I will talk about at the morning meeting.


What can I say? Holiday readership numbers. About 13k uniques.


Let’s end the week strong: Presidential teams and Solstice.

News budget

AP has a series on what happens after sex abuse by clergy. Sunday?

AP also has a thin story (I loaded into Tempest) on a charter school plan for NDN … I am holding because with a few phone calls this could be a really good story.

Oceti Sakowin as a charter school