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Regular meeting.

Question for the meeting today: Should we livestream the impeachment proceedings? If so, any idea how?


First. We need to know more about where our stories are, what’s available, what’s not coming, etc. Looked at the budget. Blank. Looked for stories already edited in Tempest. Could not find a one. Drought. (I finally did find Supreme Court story. The link does work.)

AP had a couple of good stories this morning. And both are lessons about how we should approach wire editing.

First story was from Tsaile (probably written by Farmington.) It was thin, less than 200 words, about creating a law school at Dine College. Here is what to do: Take the AP story as the main and start adding information. Look for other sources -- the one I found was not all that current, but information is roughly the same. Make sure to cite the source, in this case Tribal College Journal, and at the end of the piece make sure to credit Indian Country Today for additional content. KC Jackson story was the same. It was a good enough story, but I think adding context did not help. In this case I also changed the lead. It used the phrase “forced thousands of Native Americans off their lands.” Talk about undersell. Ethnic cleansing is the standard phrase in the international context today. We should use that too. (Style committee note.)


Holiday season is with us. Let’s make sure we have a good list today so we know what story assets are available.

I am going to complete reviews today -- so if you have not done your self-review, please do so now.


Holiday numbers? Facebook? Monday’s readership on our page was awful, roughly 8.300 unique users. That’s the lowest number in the last six months. I know it’s Facebook because the readership is up on that page. A pretty good jump. Sky has been doing some research and talking to FB about some ideas we might try. And soon.

I think we need to explore building our own app, too. Something to get people directly to our site. We will come up with a new FB strategy soon.

On the other hand, we learned yesterday that a graphic illustration does really, really well on Instagram. Tomas’ beautiful Rick Hill art had nearly 600 likes, 43 profile visits, and a reach of just south of 5,000.

One thing we should do is a redesign of the link tree. What if we put that week’s stories as a regular feature. (At least four or five stories.) Our IG and Twitter referrals are really low -- so there is a lot of room for growth. Eighty percent of our social media links come from FB.

We should plan to retweet every story at least twice; once when we post and again using something from inside the story later in the day.

Also -- a potential advertiser asked about numbers yesterday. This should be the official numbers for 2019 (they will change a little, but not much.)

This past year we had 5.098 million unique users, just under 500k per month. We had 9.3 million page views.

Our top demographic is 25-34, at 24 percent, followed by 35 to 44 at 19 percent. Our audience is 52 percent female.

On FB we have 502k page likes with an average engaged around 48k per month.

On Twitter 104k followers.

IG 18k followers.