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Editor's Daily Note 12/16/19

Daily Note 12/16/19


Regular meeting.

Write fast this week -- we will need a lot of copy (especially if we want some sort of break)


As we build up content we really need to come up with a file naming protocol so we can make certain to find a story that has been written as an evergreen. (Then make sure we use the same name in the news budget.

I have created a template for my stories that just says SLUGxxxxMNT. Xxxx is the date, let’s go with the date written. I have included my bug and a fundraising message.


Last year NCAI and ICT decided to separate as an LLC. The limited liability company structure still, however, gives NCAI control. This next year we will be going all the way, a structure that is completely independent of NCAI. Our board will be the final authority. This is exciting and scary. It means we need to hit all of our fundraising targets because we will be operating without a net The past two years have been amazing … but that is just a first step and what we do now is what really matters.

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I think we have a good plan. And I love our team on the business and editorial side.

Some practical notes. We will have to redo the budget for next year. We will need to fund a few programs that NCAI has taken care of, such as, insurance, attorney fees, infrastructure costs, and we need to find a new home for the Washington bureau.


Another quiet weekend on the readership front, basically 10k each day. Meh. 15k would be better. Unless there is a pick up holiday week -- and that is unlikely -- we could drop below 400k for the month for the first time in a long time. All summer we were above 500k. This is not because of what we are doing, it’s primarily a Facebook issue.

We are going to try some new things in January to counter that.


We need a list of what tribal communities are doing on New Year’s Eve. It’s also round dance season. (My tribe also usually has a what’s called a warm dance.) A lot of tribes sponsor alcohol-free nights. Should we have someone at these events?


I forgot to mention it’s the coldest day of the year here in Phoenix. It’s supposed to be a brutal 61.