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Editors Daily Note 12/03/19


Late note (sorry -- I was editing this morning). Good meeting.


As I mentioned a bit slow off the mark this morning. Cues are full again and we can come up with a solid schedule. As I mentioned in the meeting, we still don’t have a system in place that makes it easy to keep up with the assets we have available. Worth experimenting until we come up with a structure that lets us know what’s in the pen at all times. (Even today I haven’t had a moment to look at Cronkite. Just AP.)



I have been wondering about Facebook and if a change in their algorithm accounts for our drop in readership. So I went back and looked at traffic from the summer when we were topping 500k a month -- and that is the case. You can see from this chart that we are down on FB by more than 10 percent, which matches our drop in readership.

What can we do about that? I think we need to be more strategic about what we post on Facebook and when. There is too much content now. (Facebook is 80 percent plus of our social media referrals (Sorry Twitter. And by the way, what’s wrong with you, Twitter.)

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Daily Note Graphic 12.3.19

I think the way we should go forward is to have a meeting (I know, right) about the social media guide and make this a part of the conversation.


I have started a file for presidential story. I looked at the post I did four years ago (and posted in slack) and a lot of the elements are still true.

Maybe a Sunday story?