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Questions: Should we add the budget as an attachment or a paste on this document? I ask because as we gain Phoenix 100 readers, they might find it useful to know what stories we are working? Transparency or TMI?


There are three things you should all know about the Cronkite School’s leadership change.

First. Dean Chris Callahan has been an amazing advocate. Here’s the thing: It has not even been a year since we first had a discussion about our partnership. (My first email was to the Dean and Bryan Brayboy on December 10.) That said it’s been clear to me that he would be scooped up by another university. He was a finalist for the presidency at the University of Idaho (something I hoped he would happen) and it’s a big deal to run your own show, beyond Cronkite. He will do great in his new role.

Second. We have been setting up a structure that goes beyond any single dean. Our partnership is with ASU and Cronkite, not just a dean. Bryan Brayboy, Lumbee, is a special advisor to the ASU president and has been a key player in all of our discussions. One of the assistant deans came to my office to make sure we know we are ok going forward. ASU itself is touting our presence in a huge way. The press release that announces the dean’s appointment mentions the PBS News Hour and Indian Country Today. We are a value to this university and community.

Press release:

Third. We should think long term anyway. Our lease with ASU is for five years. I have always kind of thought that would be more like ten. But if we keep growing as fast as we are now, well, who knows? We might need our own space and studio at some point.

Speaking of growth. The next round begins now. We will be buying equipment and hiring again. Ideally I would like to have people in place starting the first week of the new year. (And once again, thank you Jourdan and Aliyah for interviewing candidates, that was so helpful.)

Our first pitch will be a classified ad seeking a president for the company. Under our MOU with NCAI, NCAI’s role is limited to appointing the editor. So because of that, the president will report to the editor instead of the other way around. This is actually not unprecedented. The St. Petersburg Times is structured that way (as a tax-exempt school) with the editor being the chief executive officer. Beyond the paper grid the idea of this hire is that we will hire someone to take the lead on all our business operations and fundraising. We need to get to $2.4 million next year and about double that in five years. So it’s going to take an effort that is broader than fifteen minutes here and there.

Thoughts and questions are welcome.


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