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Editors Daily Note 11/20/19

Daily Note 11/20/19


Regular meeting, 10 am Eastern, 8 Mountain, 7 Pacific. I will try again with a meeting invite from my ASU computer for those on the telephone. I expect that we won’t hear from the folks in San Francisco since they will be on their way to the island.


Readers should stick with us this week, checking often. There is so much content coming and it’s really solid. This quote from the AP story really seems to me as the compelling reason for this journalistic investment. “It really kind of showed what the focus of Native American people was and, basically, our rights as sovereign nations,” John Echo Hawk said. “Treaty rights as opposed to civil rights, equal rights that the other minorities were pushing.”


We need to have a standard byline on photos. They are inconsistent. My pick: (Photo by Mark Trahant, Indian Country Today) for staff. (Photo via Creative Commons) unless we know the name, then it would be the same as staff. Photo by Bill Madeup, Creative Commons. Make sense?


Readership topped 15k uniques again today. I am seeing this week as our November sweeps with our special reporting. We need to let people know (and often) what we are doing. Every Alcatraz story should be transmitted on all social media channels. When possible, link back to the article, even in second and third tweets. Next big project we should have someone dedicated just to the social media push. But for now, whenever you have a few minutes, send out something out on a channel.

I would also like to dive deep and see what the metrics say for using video in a headline. So far I have not seen anything that jumps in terms of people accessing video. This is only anecdotal (and I want the data) but I think a headline that grabs might get more users than a video kicker. Like I said, I need to see what the data says, though.

I have heard from several people who did not like the fundraising video. The rap: Why didn’t you talk to the camera? What’s interesting is that all who have reached out to me are in TV already. This was not what they are used to seeing and don’t like it. People who don’t work in TV, however, especially our main demographic, are more interested in the visual storytelling and are not bothered by me not looking at the camera. Really fascinating. I am going to follow up with lots of letters and phone calls trying to get commitments on the funding side of that equation.

Another issue that came up yesterday was from the Press Pool. It’s a picture of the shield from Acoma. We have not been showing pictures of sacred items at auctions … but this picture was used by the pueblo itself in its press conference. That is really their call, not ours. So that’s why the shield is shown.


Two headlines.

We had a good conversation about the equipment we need to improve how we go live. Given the audience we had at NCAI, this is something we should do more of when it makes sense. We can leverage our reporting and our brand. (And, I think, we could get a regular sponsor to help pay for live programming.) Tomas will talk more about the equipment side in a meeting next week.

The second thing we learned is that TEMI has an app for the Google phone in the play store. This app turns an interview into a transcript in real time. It’s really amazing. I tried it several times yesterday and it’s not perfect, but pretty damn good. The Apple version will be out later this year.