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Editor's Daily Note 11/18/19

Daily Note 11/18/19


Morning meeting. 7 am Pacific, 8 am Phoenix, 10 am Washington.


Already a busy morning. I got notice over the weekend about Shoshone-Bannock Tribes win in the 9th circuit. Posted story. (Thanks, Aliyah, for editing.) This phosphate is nasty stuff. I can’t think of another site that is too dangerous to clean up (the official EPA position).

I have a note that VAWA is moving this week. “ We just saw Feinstein drop her Dem version of VAWA, and Ernst is expected to drop the R version soon. There likely will be much to cover and we will have Tribal Court Judges and elected tribal leaders from Tribes that have implemented VAWA 2013’s restored tribal criminal jurisdiction in DC this week to meet with key Senators on the Hill and discuss VAWA 2019 reauthorization.”

We can talk about how to handle this in the meeting.


We might need a correction, follow on the House prayer. I am hearing that there may have been another person representing Indian Country who opened the House a few years ago.


Take a look at Alcatraz planning. That starts today.

Mark and Tomas will be in LA Tuesday to look at equipment.